What to do about Syria

The Syrian refugee crisis has caused a lot of debate recently. On Capital Hill, the left is for letting them in and those on the right are trying their best to prevent this. Rand Paul recently introduced a bill that will make it much more difficult for refugees to come to the US.

People who want to prevent refugees from entering this country will argue that it is too great of a risk to let the refugees in. They will point to Paris and say that will happen here. They will say that they pay taxes for the US government to protect us and this will decrease how secure we are. They will also argue that our country is already broke and borrowing money. They will point to homeless vets and say “we must care for them first”.

Those on the left will argue that blocking the refugees is Islamicphobic. They will say that we have a duty to let the refugees. They will say that the refugees will die if our government does not let them into our country, and to let them die is unAmerican.

And everyone is right about somethings…

The USA does have a duty to the refugees as we are responsible for causing the crisis. We destabilized the region and armed the terrorists. It is also a bad policy to deny people entry into the country based on their religion. There is also an increased chance of a terrorist using the refugee program to enter the country.  Syria is a country that we have been bombing for a year. It is very possible that an attack could occur as a result of blow back from our bombings. It is also true that there are poor, starving and homeless in the United States today and it is the duty of the country to take care of citizens and tax payers first.

So what could be done…

Rand could introduce a bill that would not allow refugees from countries that we have current military operations in and also remove any cap on the number of refugees. Obama would then have to stop the bombings Syria to let Syrian refugees come into America. Let’s plug the hole before bailing out the water.

Ending the bombings will stop the flood of new refugees. It is our bombs that are creating the conditions for so many of these people to become refugees. We can take 100,000 refugees or 1,000,000, but there are too many people in the Middle East to come to America. In order to help the Syrians, lets stop creating the conditions in which they become refugees.

The bill could also help to shed light on the vast amount of American military operations that are currently ongoing. Most Americans are aware of the military operations in Syria and Iraq, but few remember that the US is still fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. American is once again bombing Libya, some American missed the 2011 war in that country. This could also help to expose the military operations in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, and across Africa.

The problem for the Syrian people  is not that they do not live in the West. Their problem is not that they do not receive welfare from Americans. Their problem is their homes have been destroyed. Their problem is their country is being torn apart by multiple militias. Their problem is America and America’s allies involvement in their country.

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