Weekly Freedom File 3/26/17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss bad court decisions, stupid things Republicans say, RINOcare, and Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn. 

Show Notes

A Minnesota judge issued a search warrant that requires Google to give the information of anyone who searched the name of a man who’s picture was used to commit a crime. [Link]

Dumb things Republicans say

  • McCain
    • On the Senate floor, John McCain accuses Rand Paul of working for Putin. [Link]
    • Doug Bandow makes a case for not allowing Montenegro into NATO. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley
    • Haley says the US will not engage in talks with North Korea. Haley wants China and Russia to talk to North Korea about North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. [Link]
  • Tillerson
    • Rex said the diplomacy with North Korea has failed and that the US needs a new approach. [Link]
    • Tillerson asks the Senate to confirm Montenegro as a NATO member country. [Link]

The US has 200,000 troops deployed outside of the US. [Link]

A police officer who murdered a man will not face civil litigation for murdering the man. The 11th Circuit Court granted the officer qualified immunity because he murdered the man while on the job. [Link]

  • Trumpdate
    • A federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump’s second travel ban. [Link]
    • Electronic devices other than phones and medical devices will be prohibited from being carried onto flights to the US from ten Middle East airports. [Link]

The Federal Reserve announced a .25% hike in interest rates. This is the third rate hike since 2006 and rates are now .75-1%. [Link]

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