Weekly Freedom File 3.29.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, Kenn and I are joined by Liam Cardenas. We discuss French elections, parental rights, vaccines, and the Trumpdates.

Liam’s website Ljc.io

Can France’s Le Pen win her election? [Link] 

Parents lose one of their children to Child Protective Services after the parents disagreed with the school mental health assessment of the child. The parents have completed and passed all court ordered evaluations. The parents still do not have their child back at home. [Link]

Gardasil Vaccine may cause paralysis. [Link]


  • Jeff Sessions announced that he will look to strip funding from sanctuary cities. [Link]
  • Trump issues the permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. [Link]
  • Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary,  Alexander Acosta, was a district attorney in Miami and gave a very lenient plea deal to Jeffery Epstein. Under the plea deal, Epstein was given 13 months in prison but was allowed to work from home during the day. Epstein was required to register as a sex offender. Epstein was accused of trafficking underage girls and having sex with them. [Link]

Good/Funny news story of the

  • Trump gave Merkel a $375 billion bill that he printed out himself. The bill was for defense services NATO provided to Germany. [Link]

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