Weekly Freedom File 3.16.17

On this WFF, I discuss illegal searches, death penalty, torture, and the Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn.

Show Notes

Border agents are more frequently searching traveler’s phones as they enter the US. Many of these travelers are American citizens. Border agents will demand that travelers unlock their phones if they are password protected. Border agents searched less than 5,000 phones in 2015, they searched 25,000 in 2016, and searched over 5,000 phones in February of 2017. [Link]


Arkansas plans to execute eight death row inmates in a ten-day stretch in April. The state is rushing to carry out executions because the state’s supply of the lethal injection drug is expiring soon. [Link]

A man died in Milwaukee county jail of dehydration. Fellow inmates report they heard the man cry for water for days before he died. The prison admits they had turned off water to his cell. The family of the dead man believes he was tortured and they are suing the prison. [Link]

Two men who were a part of the protests at an Oregon wildlife refuge have been convicted of conspiring to prevent federal workers from doing their jobs. [Link]


  • The White House has ordered the State Department to look for up to a 50% cut to the funding the US gives to the UN. The US currently spends $10 billion to fund the UN each year. [Link]
  • Jeff Sessions says that he thinks enemy combatants captured in the future should be sent to Gitmo. [Link]

Good News – Rand Paul has introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act in the Senate. Rep, Tulsi Gabbard has introduced a similar bill in the House. If signed into law, this bill would prevent the US from arming Syrian rebel group who give their weapons to al-Qaeda/ISIS or are controlled by al-Qaeda/ISIS. [Link]

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