Weekly Freedom File 3.1.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss Iraq, bad regulations, a new policy in Maine, give the Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn. 

Show Notes


  • Trump plans a $54 billion defense spending increase [Link]
  • Trump will look for a 37% cut to State Department [Link]
  • Trump will drop the federal government’s challenge to Texas voter ID law [Link]
  • Haley pushes for Sanction on Syria at the UN [Link]
  • Trump’s pick for Secretary of Navy withdraws his name [Link]
  • Federal government will crack down on pot laws in states where it is legalized [Link]
  • Trump’s ties to private prisons [Link] [Link]

Bar owner fined/faces jail time for buying liquor the wrong way [Link]

Maine’s new Food Stamp policy [Link]

News From Iraq

Good News Story – USPS finds lost package [Link]


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