Weekly Freedom File 2/3/17

On this week’s Weekly Freedom File I discuss the Syria and our Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn. 


Show Notes


  • Immigration
    • Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration [Link] 
    • Some refugees will be granted waivers [Link] 
    • Trump fires Sally Yates [Link]
    • Some travelers detained at airports without access to lawyers [Link]
  • Chao approved as Transportation Secretary [Link] 
  • SCOTUS pick Gorsuch [Link] 
  • Trump’s Foreign Policy moves
    • 8 year old American killed in Yemeni raid [Link] 
    • US conducts raid in Yemen [Link] 
    • Trump is edging towards war with Iran [Link] 
    • Trump looks to set up safe zone [Link]
  • Trump’s executive order on regulations [Link] 


  • Russia bombs ISIS at Deir Ezzor [Link] 
  • US gives Kurds armored vehicles [Link]  
  • Rebel group withdraws from cease fire [Link] 
  • Groups join together under al-Qaeda banner [Link] 
  • Fighting between rebel groups [Link]


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