Weekly Freedom File 2.22.17

On the Weekly Freedom File, I discuss the CIA spying on French political parties, Venezuela, US/Russian relation, and the Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn. 

Articles discusssed

CIA spied on French political parties [Link]

Venezuelans lose weight because commie [Link]

US/Russia relations [Link]

Invasion of West Mosul begins [Link]


  • New DHS order on illegal immigration [Link]
  • Canadian man denied entry into the US [Link]
  • Immigration agents pose as local police to get info on immigrants [Link]
  • Customs agents detain American citizen until he gives phone passwords [Link]
  • Trump picks McMaster to replace Flynn [Link] 
  • Pruitt confirmed as EPA head [Link]
  • Mulvaney confirmed as OMB [Link]

Texas DA decriminalizes pot [Link]

AZ gov asks board to drop investigation into man who gave free haircuts to homeless [Link]


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