Weekly Freedom File 2.15.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss Regulations, Taxation, and our Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn.



Show Notes

  • Trumpdates
    • Flynn resigns as NSA [Link]
    • Mnuchin confirmed as Treasury Secretary [Link]
    • Price confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary [Link]
    • Sessions confirmed as Attorney General [Link]
    • Trump passes on Abrams for deputy Secretary of State [Link]
    • Trump will not move US Embassy in Israel [Link]
    • Trump critical of Israeli settlements [Link]
    • Trump approves of one China policy [Link]
    • Immigration raid arrests several hundred [Link] [Link]
    • Trump signs three executive orders on public safety [Link]
    • Costs and timeline for Trump’s border wall [Link]
    • Trump approves of civil asset forfeiture [Link]
    • TSA agents run cocaine smuggling operation [Link]
    • The IRS will not require people to fill out line 61 – Good News [Link]
  • Regulations
    • Indiana town fines poor people to get them to leave their homes [Link]
    • Man under investigation for giving free haircuts to homeless [Link]
  • Over $1 trillion taxes collected in Q1 [Link]

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