Weekly Freedom File 1/25/17

On this week’s Weekly Freedom File I discuss the EPA and Trump’s first days in office with the show’s host Kenn. 

Show Notes

EPA denies damage claims [Link]

Trump updates

  • Trump tweets about sending Feds into Chicago [Link] 
  • Trump signs Executive Orders for pipelines [Link]
  • Nikki Haley confirmed to be Ambassador to UN [Link] 
  • Trump asks Comey to stay at FBI [Link] 
  • Trump reinstates the Mexico City Rule [Link] 
  • Mike Pompeo confirmed as CIA Director [Link]
    • Pompeo suggests he’s open to waterboarding [Link] 
  • Trump withdraws from TPP negotiations [Link]
  • Trump’s airstrikes on his first weekend [Link] 
  • Mattis confirmed as Secretary of Defence and Kelly confirmed to head the Department of Homeland Security [Link] 
  • Trump’s action on housing [Link] 
  • Trumps takes executive action on Obamacare [Link] 
  • GOOD NEWS Trump puts a freeze on some employee hiring [Link]


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