Wasteful Spending Fyle


  • The Pentagon will spend $2.39 million on an office at Trump Tower. [Link]


  • Los Angeles is planning to spend $16 million on a bridge for horses. [Link]
  • A study into Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program showed the program had negative environmental impacts. [Link]


  • Congress proposes a Pentagon budget that is $37 billion more than the budget Trump requested. [Link]
  • F-35 flights at Yuma Airbase have been suspended due to a software issue. The issue is expected to be corrected quickly. [Link]


  • The Airforce is still unable to identify what is causing F-35 pilots to experience hypoxia symptoms. [Link]
  • Huntington Ingalls won a $3 billion contract from the Pentagon to design and build a new amphibious assault ship. [Link]


  • Luke Airforce base continues to halt F-35 flights after several pilots hypoxia-like symptoms. [Link]


  • The military is asking Congress to vote to close military bases to save money. [Link]


  • The Pentagon buys fuel then sells it to the military branches at a markup. With the profits, the Pentagon funds other projects. The Pentagon has used money from this to train Syrian rebels. [Link]


  • Nuclear waste produced by US nuclear weapons is being stored in unsafe conditions. A storage site is leaking nuclear waste and the project to stop the leak will cost a total of $100 billion. The US government already spend $6 billion every year on the disposal of nuclear waste. [Link]


  • The Pentagon is increasing spending on a space-based weapons program. [Link]


  • The US spends about $250 billion on defense outside of the Pentagon’s budget. [Link]
  • An investigator is reporting that there is gross mismanagement on an F-16 base in Iraq. The base is operated by contractors and costs taxpayers $700 million. [Link]


  • This article breaks down the $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill. [Link]


  • The US conducted a test of the Minuteman III missile as a show of force to North Korea. The missile costs $40 million. [Link]
  • FedEx won a $2.35 billion dollar contract from the Pentagon. [Link]


  • A Government Accountability Office predicts that the F-35 will take an additional 12 months and $1.7 billion to complete. [Link]


  • Lockheen Martin’s new helicopter will not cost the US taxpayer $31 billion. The project was recently approved and is already seeing a 6% increase in cost. [Link]


  • The F-35 cannot shoot moving targets. Lockheed Martian will not fix the problem with the F-35 but will equip a new laser guided missile to the F-35 that can hit moving targets. [Link]
  • The US government awarded Lockheed Martian a $27 billion contract for 200 helicopters. [Link]


  • A US general says a $3 million Patriot missile was used to shoot down a $200 drone. [Link]


  • Lockheed Martin was awarded a $427 million dollar contract to upgrade the Hellfire missile. Lockheed was also awarded a $1.06 billion contract for logistical support and mechanical upkeep of the F-35 Lighting II. [Link]


  • The US will spend $400 billion over the next 10 years on its nuclear weapons arsenal. [Link]


  • From October 1 – January 31 the federal government collected over $1 trillion in tax revenue. That sets a record for the most tax revenue collected in the first quarter of a financial year. The federal government still ran a $156 billion deficit during this time. [Link]


  • The Army will spend an additional $300 million on bonuses and ads to recruit an additional 6,000 troops. This was put in place by a law passed last year and signed by Obama. [Link]


  • California’s budget had “math errors” covered up a $1.5 billion dollar budget deficit. The deficit was discovered by Governor Jerry Brown’s office months ago, but the mistake was only recently shared with the public and California Senate. [Link]


  • The US is paying for tens of thousands ghost soldiers in the Afghan army. Ghost soldiers enlist but do not remain in the army so a higher ranking officer can collect their paycheck. This has practice has cost the US government $300 million. [Link]


  • Obama gives the City of Chicago a grant for $1.1 billion to improve its rapid transit system. [Link]


  • The US government’s debt increased over $1 trillion in 2016. The national debt is now nearly $20 trillion. [Link]


  • 27 IRS agents who travel for more than half the year racked up $1.4 million in expenses. The taxpayers footed the bill for the IRS agents to stay in 5-star hotels and rent luxury apartments. [Link]


  • This article points out places where the Pentagon wasted money in 2016. The Pentagon spent another $11 billion on the F-35 project, $2 billion on LCS ships that continue to break down, and $13 billion on a aircraft carrier that is already two years behind schedule. [Link]


  • A Massachusetts gun buyback program bought 38 replica guns. [Link]


  • The Pentagon hid a report that shows the Pentagon wasted $125 billion over 5 years. [Link]


  • The Navy’s new $4 billion destroyer, USS Zumwalt, broke down in the Panama Canal. [Link]


  • Tennesse Vally Authority CEO, Bill Johnson, was paid $6.45 million in the fiscal year 2016. Johnson the highest paid federal employee. [Link]


  • California pays 218,667 public sector employees over a $100,000 salary. The wages of those 218,667 employees cost taxpayers $35 billion every year. [Link]


  • The main weapons of the new Zumwalt class of destroyer will have to be replaced. The ammo for the guns cost $800,000 a round and the military has decided not to buy any more of the ammo. [Link]


  • An F-35 catches fire during a training exercise. Planes catching fire has been an ongoing problem for the F-35 program. [Link]


  • Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department spend $5.6 million on crystal stemware. [Link]


  • US taxpayers were hit with a $3.6 million bill for Barack Obama to play golf with Tiger Woods. [Link]


  • The US spends $2 million to fund a bicycle highway in Colombia and electric buses in Mexico. [Link]


  • EPA employee frequesntly watched porn on the job and even masturbated in the bathroom at work. The employee received performance bonuses. Another EPA employee also routinely watched porn at work until he was caught watching porn by a child on “bring your daughter to work day.” The employee was placed paid leave for one year and then he retired. [Link]


  • The US government spent $700,000 to find out if Neil Armstrong said, “Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The government was unable to determine if the transcript was accurate. [Link]


  • The US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier is already 2 years behind schedule, and is expected not to be completed by the most recent target of November. The carrier is also expected to surpass its $12.9 billion budget cap. A review of why the project is taking so long is being delayed. [Link]


  • The US has spent $1.5 trillion to develop the F-35 and the plane still does not work. A F-35 recently caught fire on the ground. Other F-35s have been grounded due to the insulation problems in the cooling lines. There are several other problem with the F-35 despite the government declaring it combat ready. [Link]


  • The Senate voted to move forward on a spending bill that no one has read and they do not yet know what the final version of the bill will look like. [Link]


  • The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is watering face grass while the California drought continues. The turf was installed to cut back on water use. Many LA citizens are upset to see the Department of Water doing something the Department of Water fines them for. [Link]


  • US taxpayers have paid $3.2billion towards sports arenas. Taxpayers have funded at least some part of 36 of the 45 US major sports arenas. [Link]


  • The Government Accountability Office report finds “rampant fraud” in Obamacare. The GAO set up several fake account on healthcare.gov. Those accounts were not spotted and were able to receive coverage and subsidies. [Link]


  • The F-35 project has already cost US taxpayers over $1 trillion. The plane is still outperformed by the F 22 and cannot defend itself from enemy planes. The plane may never be combat ready. [Link]


  • The US has spent over $21 million to create 500 jobs in Afghanistan. This means that the US spent $42,000 per job created. The project’s original cost was only $10 million and was intended to create 3,000 jobs. [Link]


  • The US will spend at least $85 billion to update its ICBM nuclear program. This is a 39% increase in price from the last estimate. It is also considered a low end cost estimate. [Link]


  • When it comes to saving endangered animals, the government has a poor record. The US Endangered Species Act has a less than one percent success rate and a price tag of over $2 billion a year. One solution to conservation is to privatize the animals. Privatization has helped elephants, rhinos, and bison increase in numbers. [Link]


  • Boeing was paid $2 Billion in bonuses for a missile defense system that failed a performance test. The Ground based Midcourse Defence system has cost American tax payers a total of $40 Billion. A Government Accountability Office found the system was, “insufficient to demonstrate that an operationally useful defense capability exists.” [Link]


  • Amtrak is planning to spend $2 billion to increase the average speed of its Boston to D.C. service by 3 mph. Amtrak is reviving a $2.4 billion loan for the project. [Link]


  • Department of Defence employees spend over $1,000,000 on slots and porn using government issued credit cards. The DoD did not do anything to prevent further misspending abuses. Two employees who spent over $1,000 on porn were not fired, and were able to continues to use their credit cards. [Link]
  • Social Security pays out $1.7 million to only 35 dead people. Social Security paid people for a average of 7 years before the miss payments were noticed. In one case the family member attempted to inform Social Security the relative was deceased. The agency brags that $1.7 million is an, “extremely small number.” [Link]


  • A new study, out of the University of Michigan, finds that biofuels produce more carbon dioxide than gasoline. The US government has passed laws and gives subsidies to promote the use of biofuels. [Link]


  • US army general fund makes $6.5 trillion in accounting mistakes in 2015 alone. [Link]


  • The US government is set to buy 11 million pounds of cheese. The dairy industry is struggling as there are too many suppliers in the industry. The over abundance of suppliers is causing dairy prices to drop and farms to go out of business. The government will buy up the excess supply and  create incentives for the industry to continue to grow. The Cheese Buy will cost the US taxpayers $20 million. [Link]


  • Nuclear waste from nuclear weapons started to leak in the New Mexican nuclear waste dump. The cleanup has cost taxpayers $2 Billion. [Link]


  • The US newest and most high tech aircraft carrier is already 2 years behind scheduled. The project is also $2.9 billion over budget. The aircraft carrier cannot preform basic functions, like launch and receive an aircraft and mount a defense. [Link]
  • In Sweden a new aircraft killer missile has been developed. It is far superior to any missile the Americans use.  American just spent $1.5 trillion on developing the new F-35. The new missile will not be ready for the F-35 till at least 2020. [Link]