War On Drugs Fyle


  • Mike Maharrey explains how Sessions changing of federal prosecuting guidelines will have little effect on legal marijuana. [Link] Kelley Vlahos gives her take on the issue. [Link]


  • A majority of Republicans favor legalizing marijuana. [Link]
  • Trump has declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. [Link]


  • A Florida man was arrested when police misidentified doughnut glaze as meth. The man was awarded $37,500. A different Florida man was spent 90 days in jail when police misidentified drywall dust as cocaine. [Link]


  • Portugal reduced drug abuse by decriminalizing drugs. [Link]


  • A Democrat running to be governor of Illinois says he will commute the sentence of all low-level nonviolent drug offenders if he is elected. [Link]


  • Trump will declare the opioid crisis as a national emergency. [Link]


  • Federal drug prosecutions are at the lowest rate in 25 years. [Link]


  • The son of “El-Chapo” has been indicted for drug smuggling in the US. [Link]


  • The Governor of New Hampshire signed a bill decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. [Link]
  • Police raided a family home because the family used a hydroponic garden. The family used the garden to grow tomatoes. A court ruled the police raid was unconstitutional. [Link]


  • Senator Cory Booker introduced a bill to legalize marijuana on a federal level. [Link]


  • The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that will give more authority to the Attorney General to decide what substances are legal. [Link]
  • A UN report shows that cocaine production in Colombia is at the highest rate in two decades. [Link]


  • The actions of DEA agents lead to the massacre of a Mexican town. [Link]


  • Jeff Sessions has asked Congress to get rid of rules that prevent Federal funding from being used in marijuana cases in states that have laws that allow marijuana users. [Link]
  • A bipartisan Senate bill will amend the Controlled Substance Act to prevent the DEA from going after marijuana in states where it has been legalized. [Link]


  • The DEA lied about their role in a shooting that left two pregnant woman and two other civilians dead in Honduras. A new report found that the DEA and Honduras police fired on the civilians without being provoked. [Link]


  • A 75-year-old disabled veteran has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for growing marijuana plants for medical use. [Link]


  • States that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a 25% decrease in opioid-related deaths. [Link]


  • Jeff Sessions says that Marijuana is only slightly less awful than heroin. [Link]


  • Sean Spicer says the Federal government plans to crack down and enforce marijuana laws in states that have legalized recreational use. [Link]


  • In Houston Texas, the district attorney announced a program that will allow people caught with under four ounces of pot to take a four-hour decision-making class. The class will cost $150 and anyone who chooses to take the class will not face any criminal prosecution. [Link]


  • Six TSA agents along with some airport employees were arrested for smuggling cocaine into the US from Puerto Rico. The operation was going on for 18 years, and they were able to smuggle about $100 million in cocaine during that time. [Link]


  • A study finds that there has not been an increase in adolescent marijuana use in Colorado since the plant was legalized in 2012. [Link]


  • Obama granted clemency to 330 federal prisoners on his final day in office. Most of those receiving clemency were low-level drug offenders or nonviolent criminals. Obama granted clemency or pardons to nearly 2000 people. [Link] War on Drugs Fyle
  • In 2012, a Massachusetts state lab worker admitted to falsifying drug test results. This discredited all of the cases that she gave evidence for. 1,500 of those 25,500 cases have addressed. The Massacheuttes top court rules all of the remaining 24,000 cases can get a new trial. [Link]
  • Mexican drug kingpin, El Chapo, has been extradited to the United States. [Link]


  • A young man was entrapped by police into buying and selling drugs to an undercover cop. The police used a dating website to get the young man to believe he was talking to a girl that wanted to hook up with him. He sold the girl three morphine pills, and she left. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. [Link]
  • Obama granted pardons to 64 people on Tuesday and granted clemency to 209 others. Most of those who received clemency were low-level drug offenders. [Link]


  • Ben Swann breaks down why the DEA’s move to make CBD oil a schedule 1 drug is stupid. [Link]


  • President Obama granted clemency to 231 people on Monday. This set a record for the most acts of clemency granted in a single day. Obama has given clemency to over 1,100 people while in office. Most of the people Obama has granted clemency to have been low-level drug dealers serving long sentences. [Link]


  • The DEA makes CBD oil a schedule 1 drug. CBD oil is a non-psychoactive extract from the cannabis plant. Many people use CBD to treat seizures. Making CBD a schedule 1 drug puts it in the same category as heroin. [Link]


  • An Army sergeant admits to selling weapons to a Mexican drug cartel. He pleaded guilty to the crime this week. [Link]
  • The DEA says that positive news stories about marijuana has made it harder to prosecute and enforce marijuana laws. [Link]


  • This article is a look into the Philippines war on drugs. Over 800,000 have been arrested and thousands murdered by this war started by the president. [Link]


  • A man serving life in prison for a non-violent marijuana charge is denied clemency by President Obama. [Link]


  • Lori Clare Kavitz was sentenced to 24 years in prison because she lived with a man who was selling meth. The judge that sentenced her wrote a letter to Obama begging him for clemency for Lori. [Link]


  • Ben Swann details how the US got involved in the war between Mexican Drug Cartels. [Link]


  • A mass grave of 32 bodies was discovered in Mexico. Some of the bodies were found with the heads chopped off. Drug cartels operate in the area where the bodies were found. [Link]


  • Police in Little Rock Arkansas have arrested over 200 people this year on misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges. This a four year high for Little Rock. People who are convicted of possession of marijuana face up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. [Link]


  • A married couple spends 2 months in jail after police mistake baking soda for cocaine. [Link]


  • A former Mexican mayor has been arrested for his involvement in a massacre. While he was mayor of Allende, members of a drug cartel worked with Allende police to kidnap and murder over 300 residents of Allende. [Link]


  • The recreational use of marijuana passes in Maine. The close vote was announced the day after the election. Maine joins California, Massachusets, and Nevada as states that legalized weed in 2016 election. [Link]


  • A Cannabis nasal spray is used to stop seizures for a young child. [Link]


  • President Obama commutes the sentences of 72 prisoners. Obama has targeted those who landed in jail as a part of the war on drugs. [Link]


  • A Federal employee with stage IV cancer could lose his job for using doctor prescribed medical marijuana. [Link]


  • Support for marijuana legalization hits an all time high. 57% of American adults are now in favor of legalization. [Link]


  • A prison food service provider is donating $80,000 to an effort to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona. [Link]


  • The DEA reverses it ban on Kratom. The DEA will now have a period for public comment between now and December 1. The DEA has several options on what it can do at the end of the period. [Link]


  • An 81 year old woman feels her civil rights were violated after police stole her marijuana plant she used as medication. The police used a helicopter to detect the single marijuana plant growing in the yard.  After the helicopter left, several police arrived and took the plant without pressing charges. [Link]


  • 5 states will vote on legalizing marijuana in November. [Link]


  • An Alaska woman is facing 54 years in prison after operating a marijuana club in the state. Recreational use of marijuana was legal while the club was being operated. [Link]
  • Mexican drug lord El Chapo’s sons are suspected of being behind an attack that freed a criminals and killed 5 Mexican government soldiers. [Link]


  • DEA informants collected over $237 million of taxpayer money from 2010-2015. Some informants received money from the DEA even after they had provided false information. [Link]


  • The DEA is using “emergency powers” to ban a plant known as Kratom. The DEA is making the plant illegal by making it a schedule 1 drug. The ban comes without any votes by a single elected official. [Link]


  • ATF drug stings are found to target minorities 91% of the time. [Link]


  • The company that produces the drug fentanyl make a $500,000 campaign contribution in the state of Arizona to keep weed illegal. Fentanyl is prescribed for pain and is blamed for the spike in overdoses around the country. Marijuana has been shown to be effective in treating pain and states with legal marijuana also have lower rates of overdose. [Link]


  • Americans aged 35-44 are now more likely to be users of marijuana than Americans aged 12-17. While the use of marijuana increased for nearly all Americans, the use of marijuana has decreased for Americans aged 12-17. [Link]


  • Cincinnati has recently faced a 5.5 increase in the amount of overdoses. Police believe that this is a result in a dealer using a very powerful batch of heroin to draw users back. Of course, lifting the prohibition on heroin would allow users to buy heroin at a known strengths. [Link]