Venezuela Fyle


  • The US places sanctions on eight members of Venezuela’s supreme court. [Link]


  • Two more anti-government protesters have been killed in Venezuela. One of those killed was a teenager. A police officer was charged in connection to one of the deaths. [Link]


  • This video shows Venezuelan riot control vehicles running over protesters. [Link]
  • At least 38 people have been killed during the protests in Venezuela. [Link]


  • 12 Venezuelans were killed in rioting and looting last night. [Link]


  • The Venezuelan government seized a GM manufacturing plant in Venezuela. [Link]


  • Venezuela’s president Maduro plans to arm 500,000 civilians and turn them into a police force. Maduro is facing protests and demands for a new election. [Link]


  • Venezuela’s Congress has been dissolved by the high court, making Maduro a dictator. [Link]


  • Venezuela only has $10.5 billion remaining in reserves. The country owes $7.7 billion to its debtors in 2017. [Link]


  • 75% of Venezuelans lost an average of 19 pounds in the past year due to a lack of food to eat. [Link]


  • Venezuela’s president hikes the minimum wage another 50% as hyperinflations continues in his country. In the past year, the minimum wage has been increased by over 500%. The minimum wage is now equal to $12 monthly. [Link]


  • Venezuela deploys its national guard to stop rioters. The Venezuelan government eliminated the 100 Bolivar bill as currency but failed to exchange the bill for smaller bills as promised. The Venezuelan’s started to riot after the banks did not open to exchange the bills. [Link]


  • The Venezuelan currency loses 15% of its value in one day. [Link]


  • Venezuela’s currency loses 43% of its value in one month. [Link]


  • Hyperinflation has gotten so out of control in Venezuela that people have started to weigh money as it is easier than counting it. [Link]


  • Venezuela’s Parliment has voted to begin impeachment proceedings against President Maduro for violating democracy. Maduro has dismissed this as meaningless. [Link]


  • After Venezuelan President Maduro blocked a presidential recall vote, Venezuelan citizens take to the street in massive protests. [Link]


  • Venezuela is in bad shape, shortages of food, toilet paper, and other necessities are proving, again, that socialism does not work. Long lines in front of bakeries, a characteristic of failing socialism, is humiliating to the Venezuelan Government. In response, the government is banning lines. [Link]