US Terrorism Fyle


  • The Trump Administration is finalizing an executive order to put more detainees in Gitmo. [Link]


  • The Intercept has created a data base for terrorism cases in the US since 9/11. 808 people have faced prosecution for terrorism. All but five have pleaded guilty or been found guilty. [Link]


  • Jeff Sessions says that he thinks enemy combatants captured in the future should be sent to Gitmo. [Link]


  • A young man has been arrested by the FBI on terrorism charges. The young man was never in contact with any actual terrorists and only followed the orders of the FBI agents who posed as terrorists. The FBI agent also threatened the young man and his family if he backed out on his promises. [Link]


  • Ten Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released to Oman. [Link]
  • The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter has been arrested by the FBI on charges of obstruction of justice. [Link]


  • The man suspected of being the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter is a vet from the Iraq War and was seeking mental health treatment. [Link]


  • Five people are killed in a terrorist attack at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. [Link]


  • Four Yemeni Guantanamo Bay detainees were transferred to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • This article details how al-Qaeda has grown while the world is focused on ISIS and how al-Qaeda can grow larger as ISIS loses more battles. [Link]


  • ISIS claims responsibility for the stabbings at Ohio State. [Link]


  • The Intercept looks into the trial of Hamid Hayat, who was convicted of being a terrorist and sentenced to 24 years in prison. The prosecution’s star witness was an informant paid $230,000 by the FBI and who’s mother says he is a liar. [Link]


  • Peyton Pruitt is a teenager with autism and an IQ near 50. He spent the last year in jail for attempting to provide support to ISIS. A judge just ordered he be released. [Link]


  • Members of a right wing group with “anti immigration” beliefs are caught planning a terror attack against Muslim immigrants. [Link]


  • A man who is suspected to be involved in the planning of 9/11, was anally toured by the CIA so severely that he now requires surgery. [Link]


  • A FBI study finds that US military operations in the Middle East are the leading cause for homegrown terrorism. [Link]


  • Ahmad Khan Rahadi’s father warned the FBI that his son was terrorist in 2014. His father later recanted the statement. [Link]


  • 15 Guantanamo prisoners are being transferred to United Arab Emirates. All prisoners were cleared for transfer, some have been since 2010. [Link]


  • The Department of Homeland Security can take your phone or electronic devices without a warrant. The DHS can seize any electronic device without  warrant within 100 miles of the US border. They are allowed to copy any material on the electronic device. Journalist are not exempt from this. [Link]


  • This article highlights many of the problems of the TSA. The TSA has been making it very difficult and extremely embarrassing for passengers with disabilities to fly. This includes injuring and harassing young children. [Link]


  • The 28 pages of the Congressional report on 9/11 were released yesterday. The pages are still heavily redacted but show The Saudi government provided some support for the 9/11 hijackers. What are the implications for Hillary Clinton who received nearly $10,000,000 from the Saudi’s? She also approved 29,000,000,000 in weapon sales to the Saudis while she was Sectary of State. Its sounds like treason to take a $10,000,000 bribe from the people who helped kill 3,000 Americas. Read the 28 pages here.


  • President Obama could get on right! The President plans to release the classified pages from the joint congressional report on 9/11. The pages are believed to indicate that Saudi Arabia gave money to the 9/11 hijackers. Read Here.
  • The Director of the CIA says if the next President asks the CIA to torture people, they may do it. CIA Director Brennan did say he would not follow those orders. This may cost him his job if Trump becomes President. Read Here.


  • A report published by the UK Parliament show that US allies were funding ISIS. Saudi Arabia was one of the states listed, and the report even indicated that members of the Royal Family made have made donations to the most feared terror group. Read Here.
  • Former National Guardsman is now facing charges for terrorism. The young man was contacted by an FBI informant and never had contact with any real terrorists. The family claims the informant took on a mentoring role for the young man than asked him to provide money to ISIS. Read Here.