Spying Fyle


  • The House passes a bill to renew the Section 702 massive spying program. [Link]


  • Trump and the Republicans in Congress are working to increase spying on Americans. [Link]


  • The USA LIBERTY ACT passes its House committee. The bill will renew the FISA 702 program and expand the government’s ability to spy on Americans. [Link]


  • Marcy Wheeler reports on Congresses attempt to expand spying on Americans. [Link]


  • The US Coalition likely killed 340 civilians in the fight against IS in September. Russia and Syria likely killed 350 civilians in Syria. [Link]


  • The US government is illegally searching and storing Americans’ financial records. [Link]


  • The Trump administration is urging Congress to renew and make permanent some sections of the Foreign Intelligence Survalience Act. [Link]


  • New documents reveal the Obama Administration violated the law while spying on Americans. [Link]


  • Sealed law enforcement request to track someone’s internet and cell phone records without a warrant increased by seven fold over the past three years. [Link]


  • The NSA can divert US citizen’s data overseas to allow the NSA to avoid Constitutional restrictions on data collection. [Link]


  • The mass data collection of Americans under Obama was more extensive than initially believed. [Link]


  • Mass spying in the US has expanded since Ed Snowden revealed the extent of the program. [Link]


  • The NSA is ending a major mass surveillance program. Ending this program will not stop all mass surveillance on Americans. It appears the FISA Court forced the program to end. [Link]


  • The NSA used a blimp to hover above a city and collect data. The blimp is being tested to intercept wireless data. [Link]


  • Wikileaks released documents from the CIA showing some of the programs within the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. Some of the documents show that the CIA has basically created a second NSA with 5,000 registered users who created 1,000s hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other “weaponized” malware. The CIA lost control of the majority of this hacking arsenal. The leaks detail a CIA program that allowed them to turn smart TVs into microphones that could record even while the TV was off. The CIA also has the ability to carry out cyber attacks and leave a trail that makes it look like a different country carried out the attack. [Link]
  • The Wikileaks dump revealed that in October of 2014 the CIA was looking into infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. [Link]
  • The Wikileaks dump revealed that the CIA and FBI were aware of weaknesses in the operating systems of popular US smartphones, but did not notify the company. This could allow the CIA and FBI to spy on the phone’s users. [Link]


  • The City of Chicago is expanding surveillance of its citizens. Chicago is putting more cameras around the city, expanding the area covered by ShotSpotter to 13.5 sq miles, and will start using HunchLab to try to predict where crimes will happen. [Link]


  • The City of Chicago will put 100s of microphones around the city in an attempt to track gunshots. The microphones will be placed 15-20 feet above ground and constantly record. [Link]


  • The Obama Administration has changed NSA rules to allow more sharing of globally intercepted personal communications with other intelligence agencies. [Link]


  • New York is now requiring ride-sharing apps like Uber to give the state data on users. Uber collects users location data after a ride is requested until 5 minutes after the user is dropped off. [Link]


  • The European Court of Justice rules against the mass collection and retention of data by the British surveillance program. [Link]
  • The NSA is eroding American’s internet privacy by using a distorted definition of the word search to justify the spying program on Yahoo’s user’s emails that was exposed earlier this year. The NSA said that because computers scanned the emails before they were read not all emails were searched. [Link]


  • Twitter blocks government spy centers from having special access to Twitter data. [Link]


  • Georgia’s Secretary of State confirms that someone from DHS attempted to hack into their voter database ten separate times. [Link]


  • The Ninth Circut Court of Appeals rules that the government does not need a warrant to search your emails if you are emailing someone overseas who is already the target of an investigation. [Link]
  • The NSA and UK intelligence agencies are able to intercept phone calls made aboard aircraft. [Link]


  • A change to Rule 41 will allow judges to grant the FBI hacking or surveillance warrants outside of their jurisdictions. This will allow a single judge to grant a warrant allowing the FBI to go after anyone anywhere on the planet. [Link]


  • Top US officials send Obama a letter recommending he remove the head of the NSA, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, from his position. [Link]


  • The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has submitted his letter of resignation. He will remain in office for 63 more days. [Link]


  • The USA Freedom Act has increased spying on American citizens. The USA Freedom Act requires telecommunication companies to hold the metadata rather than the NSA attempting to collect it all. The new method of collecting and storing data allows the NSA to has access to almost all metadata of Americans communications. [Link]
  • The NSA’s main spying hub is a 29 story skyscraper located in downtown Manhattan. The building windowless building is located at 33 Thomas Street and housing three important switches for routing phone calls. [Link]


  • Senator Ron Wyden leads a bipartisan effort to have the Department of Justice reveal how they plan to use new hacking powers. [Link]
  • Congressman Justin Amash leads a second bipartisan effort to have Attorney General Lynch and Director Clapper address Congress with information about Yahoo email spying. [Link]


  • AT&T is collecting a massive amount of data on Americans through a program called Project Hemisphere. The government is paying AT&T for this service. [Link]
  • The Obama Administration is unlikely to release the order given to Yahoo to spy on its users emails. [Link]
  • Several countries, including the US, have purchased the Medusa system. The system “vacuums up vast quantities of internet data at an astonishing speed.” [Link]


  • The Miami Beach city commission will vote on a proposal that will require the any Miami department to get approval for any new spying technology at a public meeting. [Link]


  • ACLU files a motion in court that would force the secret Fisa court to reveal rulings that deal with mass spying of Americans. [Link]
  • Yahoo asks James Clapper to declassify a surveillance order the company has received. This would allow Yahoo to answer questions about the program used to spy on users emails. [Link]


  • Congressmen Amash and Lieu pen a letter to Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, asking them to provide what legal justification was used for the Yahoo spying program. [Link]


  • While US spy agency’s target Americans, their employees steal information, watch porn, and have sex chats with minors while on the job. [Link]


  • The government installed the software at Yahoo that allowed the NSA to spy on all incoming emails. [Link]


  • Yahoo secretly scanned all incoming emails at the request of the US government. Yahoo searched for specific characters at the NSA’s demand. [Link]


  • Huge government contracts are turning the US intelligence industry into a monopoly. 80% of private intelligence contractors are now employed by only 5 companies. The 45,000 employees of those 5 companies account for 20% of the total intelligence employee base in the US. This consolidation of power has been occurring through a series of mergers, as the government awarded contracts out to firms. This makes the US intelligence more vulnerable to cyber attacks and inaccurate intelligence. [Link]


  • A group of 25 Representatives, 13-R and 12-D, have formed the 4th amendment caucus. This group of Reps realize that the government has exceeded it limits on spying and plan to try to protect the rights of US citizens. Read Here.


  • While the government does still need a warrant for most wiretaps, the warrant does not protect our rights if it is just a rubber stamp. In 2015 100% of wiretap warrants requested were granted. Also the number of wiretaps has more than doubled in the past 10 years. Read here.