Police Fyle


  • Alabama law enforcement stole $2.2 million from citizens through civil asset forfeiture in 2015. [Link] Police Fyle
  • A former Baltimore detective testifies in court about the incredible criminal abuse of power by Baltimore police. [Link] Police Fyle
  • A Baltimore police officer has been charged with planting drugs. [Link]


  • Kansas SWAT kill a man after they were sent to fake crime as a prank. [Link]
  • A Kansas police officer who murdered a fleeing man will not face charges for his crime. [Link]


  • Austin police officers walk a man in handcuffs hind a gas station where they beat and tase him. [Link]
  • Minnesota county prosecutor announces there is not enough evidence to bring charges against the police officer who murdered Justine Diamond. [Link]


  • Chicago had the countries first “mass exoneration” letting 15 men go free. Up to 500 cases are in question because a pack of police officers have been exposed for framing several people. [Link]


  • 140 Minnesota police officers have been convicted of crimes. Several officers who are still on the job have been convicted of violent crimes. [Link]


  • A police officer at a Miami Hurricanes football game punched a woman in the face. [Link]


  • A Utah nurse, who was arrested for refusing to perform an illegal blood draw, has been awarded $500,000. [Link]


  • An Ohio police officer who mistakenly shot a journalist was put back on the job. [Link]


  • The city of Chicago will pay out $44.7 million to the who was shooting the head by a Chicago police officer. [Link]


  • Two NYPD officers raped a teenager. The officers have now claimed that the 18-year-old consented to sex after they arrested her. [Link]


  • An Ohio police officer who caught on video beating a suspect has been fired. [Link]


  • Police body camera show cops murdering a man trying to flee. [Link]


  • A Dallas police officer has been given nine months probation for shooting and killing a man. The shooting occurred after a high-speed chase. The man killed did not fire a weapon at and the officer shot at him 41 times. [Link]


  • The Baltimore prosecutor announces over 850 cases have been called into question because of Baltimore police officers being caught in misconduct on body camera footage. [Link]


  • Two Oklahoma police officers shot and killed a deaf man who was carrying a pipe on his own property. Witnesses were yelling at the police that the man was deaf and could not understand the officers’ commands. The officers say they did not hear that information. The deaf man was shot and tased several times. [Link]
  • A video has been posted on Facebook showing Pittsburg police officers beating a man on the ground. [Link]
  • A video has been released of a police officer confronting and handcuffing a 14-year-old boy with autism who was self-soothing. [Link]


  • The Justice Department is ending a program that critiques local police departments. [Link]


  • The Department of Justice announced it would not prosecute six police officers involved in the death of Freddy Gray. [Link]


  • The Henry A Wallace Police Crime Database is a new database dedicated to tracking crimes committed by police officers. [Link]
  • A former Cleveland police officer has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two women at an illegal traffic stop with a sex toy. The officer was fired from his police job two weeks after the incident. [Link]


  • A video shows a California police officer writing a street vendor a ticket and taking money from his wallet. [Link]


  • An Ohio police officer shot a photojournalist without warning because he mistook the photojournalist’s tripod for a gun. [Link]
  • The Utah police officer Jeff Payne was fired from his part time medic job. Payne is the Utah police officer who arrested a nurse for refusing to perform an illegal blood draw. [Link]
  • The University of Utah is putting a new policy in place that will prevent police from interacting with nurses as their first point of contact. [Link]
  • The City of Chicago agreed to pay $9.5 million to a man who was left paralyzed and mute after being tased by a police officer. The city also agreed to pay $700,000 to other victims of police brutality. [Link]


  • A Utah nurse was placed under arrest for refusing to perform an illegal blood draw. [Link] The officers who arrested the nurse have been placed on paid leave. [Link]
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims that Hurrican Harvey justifies the arming of police with military weapons. [Link]


  • A Washington police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video showed him pointing his gun at a person for no reason. [Link]
  • A Michigan police officer fired his Taser at a 15-year-old riding an ATV. The 15-year-old was killed in the crash caused by getting tased. THe family is suing the officer for $50 million. [Link]


  • An Ohio police officer, who was recorded beating a man, has a history of misconduct. [Link]


  • Over 1,000 people have died after being tased by police. Over 100 of those times, the police were responding to a 911 call for a medical emergency. [Link]


  • California police killed 157 people in 2016. [Link]
  • A father of five whose wife has stage four cancer was arrested for going to work and leaving his children home alone. A judge set a $25,000 bail for the father. [Link]


  • An ex South Carolina police officer has been sentenced to five years in jail for shooting an unarmed black driver. The officer pleaded guilty to assault and battery. [Link]
  • Plain clothes New York police officers beat and arrested an Uber driver at JFK airport. [Link]


  • Charges against two Texas police officers have been dropped. The officers conducted a cavity search of a 21-year-old girl on the side of the road. The police officers searched the girl for 11 minutes. The police officers reported smelling marijuana. [Link]


  • A New York man is suing the New York police department for harassing him and assaulting him so he would give false testimony in a murder trial. [Link]
  • Baltimore tax payers are paying victims of Baltimore police $1.1 million. The $1.1 million is for four separate victims who were murdered, shot, sodomized, or beaten. [Link]


  • The City of Chicago is using SWAT to manage mental health crises. [Link]


  • The Washington Post found that union contracts are forcing police departments to rehire officers who were fired. [Link]


  • A video has been released showing Tennessee police officers torturing a 19-year-old suspected of marijuana and weapons possession. The officers restrained the young man in a chair and tased him 40 times. [Link]


  • The City of Baltimore has dropped charges against 34 people because the officers involved in the cases were caught planting drugs at another crime scene. Up to 70 more cases are still under review and more charges may be dropped. [Link]


  • Mississippi police shoot and kill a man after attempting to serve an arrest warrant at the wrong home. [Link]


  • A Florida police officer was fired for having several complaints against him and tampering with evidence. The officer was rehired by the same police force a month after he was fired. [Link]


  • Someone has posted signs around the Twin City warning that startled police officers may shoot people. [Link]


  • A police officer accidentally recording himself planting drugs. [Link]
  • A police dog died after being locked in a police car on a 95-degree day. The dog died of heat exustion and the officer who was responsible for the dog was reassigned. [Link]


  • The Cincinnati prosecutor announced the city will not pursue a third trial against a police officer who killed an unarmed man. The first two trials ended in hung juries. [Link]
  • The Trump administration is restoring federal help to police for enforcing civil asset forfeiture. The Obama administration ended the federal assistance because of fear of abuse. [Link]


  • The Atlanta Police Department is investigating a police officer who was filmed beating a woman. [Link]


  • Three Chicago police officers were charged with felony conspiracy for lying during the invention into the shooting of Laquan McDonald. [Link]


  • The parents of Mike Brown were awarded $1.5 million from the City of Furgerson. [Link]
  • A mistrial was declared in the trial of the police officer who killed Sam Dubose. The mistrial was declared after a jury was unable to come to a decision. [Link]
  • Police searches in Colorado and Washington decreased by 50% after the states legalized weed. [Link]


  • A North Miami police commander was fired in connection with a 2016 officer involved shooting. The police commander was found to heave misled and lied to investigators. [Link]


  • After five days of deliberation, a jury found the police officer who killed Philando Castile not guilty. [Link]


  • The family of Terence Crutcher is suing the city of Tulsa. Crutcher was unarmed when he was killed by a Tulsa police officer. [Link


  • The City of Oakland settles with a woman who was suing the city for $66 million because she was sexually involved with several members of the Oakland Police Department. Some of the sexual interactions occurred while the woman was underage. Some of the sexual actions were in exchange for information or protection from police officers. [Link]


  • A high school junior kills himself after he was threatened by police and school administration of being charged with possessing and sharing child pornography. The young man had an audio recording of a sexual encounter on his phone. The police never intended to charge the young man and the goal of the threat was to scare him straight. Hours after being threatened he jump off a building. [Link]


  • A grand jury finds that a police officer who killed a man after a high-speed car chase had committed no wrongdoing. [Link]


  • A seven-year-old boy with autism was arrested and removed from school for misbehaving. [Link]


  • The father of a 15-year-old boy who was shot and killed by police officer Roy Oliver is suing Oliver for killing his son. Oliver has been dismissed from his job as a police officer and charged with murder. [Link]


  • Two New York City cops have been caught taking bribes in exchange for giving out gun carry permits. [Link]


  • An inquest has started for the death of Terrill Thomas. Thomas’ death has been ruled a homicide by dehydration. Thomas was kept in a jail cell for several days without access to water. [Link]


  • A police officer who murdered a man will not face civil litigation for murdering the man. The 11th Circuit Court granted the officer qualified immunity because he murdered the man while on the job. [Link]


  • Body cam video of a police shooting in Louisville has been released. The video shows the officer shot the unarmed man without giving him any time to respond to commands. The officer is now on administrative leave. [Link]


  • Body camera footage was released of a Tuscan Arizona police officer pushing an 86 year old woman to the ground. The officer also pepper sprayed a 65-year-old woman. [Link]


  • A Tennessee police officer was caught on recording asking a convenience store employee for nude photos of herself and showed her nude videos of himself. The officer was suspended without pay for two weeks but is now back on the job. [Link]


  • A New Jersey police officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing after he shot an armed 76-year-old man. The elderly man was in his home when the officer entered the house after bring incorrectly sent to the address by dispatchers. The man believed the officers were home invaders and was holding a shotgun when officers killed him. [Link]


  • Police use data from a man’s pacemaker as evidence against him in a crime. [Link]


  • A Minnesota police officer punched a handcuffed 14-year-old girl in the face twice, after she spit on the officer. The officer is facing a charge of misdemeanor assault and is on paid leave. [Link]
  • Recently released documents from the FBI shows the FBI is concerned about white supremacists entering law enforcement. [Link]


  • Lousiana has passed a law making it a hate crime to commit a crime against a police officer. This law includes crimes like resisting arrest. [Link]


  • Police responding to a robbery, shot the homeowner and not the robber. [Link]


  • The St. Louis Police Depart is being sued by a woman because a police officer searched her vagina for drugs in public. [Link]


  • The DOJ report on the Chicago Police shows the department has a culture of abuse and corruption. The report highlights the abuse towards African Americans. [Link]


  • Police arrest a man after they mistake kitty litter for meth. Ross LeBeau was arrested and jailed for three days before police realized the mistake they made. The police also put out a press released with Ross’s photo claiming he was transporting a half pound of meth. [Link]


  • United States police officers killed 1068 people in 2016. 149 of those killed were unarmed. [Link]


  • The 6th Circut Court rules that if a dog moves or barks while police are serving a warrant the dog can be killed by police. [Link]


  • After the New Year, all school fights in Missouri will end with the fighters being arrested and charged with a Class E Felony. [Link]
  • A California man has been charged with a DUI when the toxicology report shows he only had caffeine in his system. [Link]


  • Two California police departments have been given the title of deadliest in America. The Kern County Sheriffs Department and the Bakersfield Police Department killed 14 people in 2015. [Link]


  • The city of New Orleans settles police brutality cases from Hurricane Katrina for $13.3 million. [Link]


  • US Police have killed 86 people in the past 2 years who had guns that were fake but looked real. 38 of those people had mental illnesses. [Link]


  • The entire police department of Bunker Hill Indiana has quit. They walked off the job after budget cuts and members of the town council asking them to run background checks on other members of the town council. [Link]
  • The police officer who killed Sylville Smith has been charged with reckless homicide. [Link]


  • Police in Bakersfield California kill a 73-year-old man with dementia. The police officer shot the man 7 times. The officer believed the man was holding a gun, but he was actually holding a wooden cross. [Link]


  • The Denver Mayor ordered police to stop seizing blankets and tents from homeless people. The city of Denver plans to continue to enforce the camping ban law and can fine homeless people $999 for sleeping in their tents. [Link]


  • The City of Chicago will pay out 5 million to two families who had family members killed by Chicago police officers. [Link]
  • Twitter has severed its contracts with Geofeedia, Media Sonar, and Snaptrends. These companies provide police with information on social media users location, the topic of the post, and the time the post was made. [Link]


  • An Australian study shows that aggressively enforced speed limits cause drives to struggle to focus on what is going on around them. [Link]


  • The Walter Scott murder trial ends as the judge declares a mistrial. The mistrial was declared after jurors could not come to a verdict. It appeared that all but one juror was in favor of convicting the police officer who killed Mr. Scott. [Link]


  • A 24-year-old man was arrested for refusing to give a police officer his birthdate. The man was collecting signatures so he could run for public office when the police officer approached him and asked for his name and birthdate. The police officer and her superior officer are currently on paid leave. [Link]


  • North Dakota pipeline protesters are suing the police for injuries they have received during the protests and violation of their rights by police officers. [Link]


  • A 21-year-old woman may lose her arm after an explosion. The woman was protesting the pipeline in North Dakota. Protesters claim the explosion was caused by a police concussion grenade. Police claim the woman was injured by an exploding propane bomb made by protesters. [Link]
  • Hundreds of protesters in North Dakota were treated for hypothermia after police used water cannons to soak protesters. Temperatures were reported to be below 27 degrees while police were using water on the protesters. Police say they used the water to calm the aggressive protesters. [Link]


  • Police departments across America are spending millions on services that spy on American’s social media accounts. [Link]
  • Police and pipeline protesters clashed in North Dakota last night. The protesters tried to start several fires. Police fired rubber bullets, used tear gas, and used a water cannon on the protesters. One arrest was reported by police, and seven protesters went to the hospital with head injuries. [Link]


  • Second-degree manslaughter charges have been filed against the police officer who killed Philando Castile. [Link]


  • Police officers in Detroit killed at least 21 dogs in 2016 and 25 in 2015. While police often claim that the dog is vicious and charging, several reports show that dogs are shot through closed doors or while restrained. One police officer has shot at least 26 dogs. [Link]


  • A judge has ordered the release of Brendan Dassey from prison. Dassey was made famous by the series ‘Making a Murder’ that revealed that the interrogation tactic used against him likely caused him to confess to a crime falsely. [Link]
  • Forbes breaks down much much police collect from its citizens in fines, fee, and forfeitures. Washington DC comes in first by collecting $227 per resident in 2013, Chicago is second collecting $97 per resident, and Boston is third collecting $82 per resident. [Link]


  • While in being interrogated, two 16-year-old boys were threatened by police. A police officer threatened to kill and beat the boys. He also said he would plant coke on them. The boys were underage and questioned without parents or legal representatives present. [Link]


  • A disturbing photo of a police officer surfaces. The photo shows the officer holding the arm of a dead man and giving a thumbs up to the camera. The man in the photo had died of an accidental overdose. [Link]


  • A former New Hampshire police officer is filing a lawsuit against the New Boston police department for failure to investigate serious complaints against the department. One of the complaints, that was not investigated was an officer who had a “rapeability” scale for women he pulled over. [Link]
  • An elderly Washington couple will have their car returned after 5 months and filing a lawsuit against the department. After their car was seized through civil asset forfeiture after their son was arrested while driving the car. The elderly couple was never charged with a crime. [Link]


  • Police are increasing using military style gear to combat the pipeline protesters. [Link]


  • 140 people were arrested protesting the North Dakota Pipeline. [Link]


  • A pregnant woman is shot by two police officers during a wellness check. It is reported that she was holding a gun. [Link]


  • Taser International Inc. is exploring the idea of attacking tasers to drones and selling the drone to police departments. [Link]


  • The Guardian is tracking people killed by police officers in America. The number in 2016 is currently 836. [Link]


  • The Intercept released a 4 part series detailing corruption in the Chicago Police Department. [Link]


  • A 14 year old middle school student is arrested and charged with petite larceny for a misunderstands involving a $.65 carton of milk. The student forgot the milk that went with his school lunch and went to get his milk. When the school resource officer saw this, he believed the student was stealing the milk and arrested the boy. [Link]


  • Police are using a service named Geofeedia to monitor the movements of citizens. In Seattle, this was done secretly and illegally. Geofeedia uses information collected from social media to track peoples movements. [Link]


  • An Arkansas State Representative, who worked to pass legislation that protect people who film police, as been arrested for filming a police officer. [Link]
  • Police officers are abusing law enforcement database by stalking romantic partners, harassing journalist, or selling peoples personal information. [Link]


  • Two US Marshals are charged with murder, after a video of them is released killing a 6 year old boy. [Link]


  • Iowa police and courts are using civil asset forfeiture at a growing rate. The state seized a record $4.9 million in cash and 129 cars in 2014. Many times the police seize the assets without a person being convicted of a crime. [Link]


  • Prison guards at an Alabama prison did not show up to work Sunday night as part of a strike. Inmates at the facility are currently striking as a part of the nation wide prisoners strike. [Link]
  • A Houston police officer resigns after a video is released of him beating a homeless man. Charges have not been flied against the officer. [Link]


  •  A video has finally been released of a NH police officer macing 3 handcuffed people who had been arrested. The officer has since resigned, but did not face any legal consequences for his actions. [Link]


  • The prisoners strike continues to grow. There are at least some inmates striking in at least 46 prisons or jails. The inmates are striking against what they see as unfair prison labor rules. Inmates are refusing to work or refusing to eat as their means striking. Incidents of prisons retaliating against the inmates are beginning to be reported. [Link]
  • Dash camera and body camera video has been released in the Keith Scott shooting. [Watch]
  • A Baltimore man, Tawon Boyd, called the 911 asking for assistance for feeling disoriented. When police arrived Boyd was paranoid and needed to be taken to a medical facility for evaluation. Boyd resisted the police and was beaten by officers. Boyd died in the hospital with injuries that included brain swelling. [Link]


  • A police officer is sentenced to four years in prison for denying civil rights to a minor. The officer tased the teen for 23 second before dropping him on his head. The teen went into cardiac arrest before falling into a coma. The victim will suffer from his injuries for the rest of his life. [Link]


  • The Tulsa police officer who killed Terence Crutcher is being charged with first degree manslaughter. [Link]


  • A 90 year old man is arrested for the second time in a week for feeding the homeless. The man faces up to 60 days in prison for breaking the law. [Link]
  • Recently released video from a 2011 police shooting shows an officer planting a gun on a the man he shot and killed. The officer ran the man’s car off the road then shot him 5 times before planting the gun on him. The officer is being charged with first degree murder. [Link]


  • Colorado SWAT mistakenly raided the home of a family with 5 children under the age of 13. Police believed that they would find drugs in the home after receiving a tip from an informant. SWAT kicked down the doors and windows of the home at 5:30 AM only to find that the people they were looking for moved out last year, and the home was now occupied by a 7 member family. The family reports feeling traumatized after waking up with SWAT members pointing guns in the faces of 5 children under the age of 13. [Link]


  • Dash cam video has been released in the shooting of Terence Crutcher. A Tulsa police officer shot and killed Mr. Crutcher after police stopped behind his vehicle that had broken down the road. The police officer that shot Mr. Crutcher said he was failing to follow her orders before she killed him. The Tulsa police chief called the video “very disturbing.” [Link]
  • Police detain a man who was protesting DUI checkpoints. When police detained the man they illegally seize a man’s phone. The police did not realize that the phone continued to record after they seized it from the man. The police were recorded plotting to make up charges against the man. [Link]


  • A teen is suing the city of Oakland for $66 million after she was treated as a “modern day slave.” The teen said she slept with dozens of Oakland police officers while she was only 17. She slept with the officers for protection from police raids. 7 officers are accused of crimes in this case, only 2 have been charged. [Link]


  • Since 2010, Chicago Police Officers have shot 14 people who they believed were carrying guns and those people were not carry a gun. Police mistook 5 cell phone accessories, a flashlight, a L shaped object, a shotgun shell, a bag of pot, a wrench, and a Fire Department badge as guns. 4 people who were shot were also carrying nothing at all. 7 of those who shot have died. The city of Chicago has already paid out $15 million for these police mistakes, 3 more cases are still pending. [Link]
  • A New Jersey town is abusing the civil asset forfeiture law by forcing people to pay $175 for a hearing to reclaim their property. One man had police officers confiscate $171 and if he wants it back he will have to pay the court $175 for a hearing. [Link]


  • Google’s new self-driving car will automatically pull over for police and other emergency vehicles. [Link]
  • A 13 year old with a BB gun was mistakenly shot by police. The officer has been placed on one week administrative leave. [Link]


  • 11 police dogs have died from being locked in hot police vehicle over the summer. [Link]


  • Alejandro Rojo was beat by police while he was laying facedown on the ground. Rojo was hit several times in the back and ribs with a baton. Rojo was in a conflict with police inside of a store before being the beating occurred in the parking lot. Rojo is being charged with resisting arrest and attempting to take an officers gun. Rojo was released from jail on bail and is currently in the hospital. [Link]
  • Prosecutorial discretion leads to rural Americans suffering from stricter jail sentences. In the same state, a drug offender living in the city can get a sentence of completing a rehabilitation program, while, a drug offender in a rural county could spend over a decade in prison. [Link]


  • New findings show that bite mark forensics is junk science. The White House looked into how accurate bite mark analysis is and found, “bite mark analysis does not meet the scientific standards for foundational validity, and is far from meeting such standards.” 25 convictions have been overturned and more are pending. [Link]


  • Police K-9 is dead after being locked in a police vehicle for over 38 hours. Officer Peck left is K-9 partner in his squad car on a day where temperatures in the car reached 120 degrees. The dog eventually died of a heat stroke. Officer Peck has been dismissed from his job and faces 5 years in prison if convicted of animal cruelty. Some are argue that Peck is receiving some leniency for being a police officer. A man was recently sentenced to 34 years in prison for killing a police dog. [Link]


  • A Tampa Bay SWAT Team shoots and kills an unarmed man in a raid on his home. The police had conducted a 1 month investigation on the man before raiding him home. Early reports say the police found 2 grams of marijuana. [Link]
  • A New Mexico woman, Arlene Harjo, is the victim of civil asset forfeiture. Harjo’s son was arrested for drunk driving in her car and the car was impounded. When Harjo went to court to get her car back, the court attempted to bully her into signing disclaimer that would transfer ownership of the car to the city. She refused and continues to be unable to retrieve her car. She continues to have to make payments on her car while she battles in court to get it back. The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, seizes 1,000 cars a year from citizens thought civil asset forfeiture. [Link]


  • A mentally ill women is released from prison after 35 years. Cathy Woods was convicted of murdering another woman after she talked about the murder in a psychotic state. At the trial. prosecutors labeled Cathy as a homosexual and used that against her. Cathy is now suing the city of Reno. [Link]


  • The DEA has seized over $200 million from travelers at airports over the past decade. Most people are never charged, but are still unable to get their property back. [Link]
  • An unarmed deaf and mute man was shot and killed by a police officer. The man was trying to communicate through sign language when he was killed. A short chase occurred before the shooting. [Link]


  • Dallas police and Fire Pension is nearing collapse. Over valued real-estate gave the impression of a healthy fund, but the reality is the pension is almost out of money. [Link]


  • Tasers are not as non-lethal as they may appear. 48 people died from being tased in the US last year. [Link]


  • Protests get violent in Milwaukee, after police shoot and kill a 23 year old. The 23 year old was armed and fleeing police when he was shot by police. Protesters burned cars and set businesses on fire. [Link]
  • An Arizona Highway Patrol Officer threatens to shoot a man in front of his daughter. Officer, Oton Villegas, approached the car with his gun drawn and pointed his weapon at a 7 year old girl, after she attempted to follow his orders. He also threatened to “blow two holes” into the driver. The man was released after more officers arrived. The Officer realized he misread a New Mexico Police report and mistakenly pulled the man over. [Link]


  • A SWAT Team goes to a single mothers residence to arrest her boyfriend who has already moved out. The SWAT Team destroyed the woman’s home. The only person home during the 10 hour standoff was the family dog. [Link]


  • 6 weeks after killing an unarmed man, LA Country Sheriff’s Department finally admits the man was innocent. The man was sleeping in his front yard when police approached in a tank and shot him with rubber bullets and flash bang grenades. When he got up he charged the police tank and was killed. The man suffered from mental illness. [Link]


  • A 16 year old boy stole a backpack and was sent to Rikers Prison in NY for three years. Two of those years he was forced to spend in solitary confinement and was mistreated by the prison staff. The boy, Kalief Browder, was never convicted or stood trial, the charges were dismissed. Kalief was not the same after he came home from the prison and took his own life. [Link]
  • Chicago police officer shoots an unarmed teen. When the officer realizes he shot the teen he says, “Fuck man, Im going to be on desk for 30 goddamn days now.” [Link] Warning graphic video


  • Police go to wrong home, do not identify themselves, and shoot a 76 year old man. [Link]
  • A 12 year old boy was bullied by police into confessing to murdering his sister. The boy was interrogated alone and denied killing his sister 36 times before confessing. Police told the young boy he would likely get the death penalty id he did not confess. [Link]


  • Police officer shoots and kills a BLM peaceful and unarmed protester. The cop then tells a witness, “This is my second one” referencing a man he killed in 2011. The judge in the trial will not let the prosecutor tell jurors about the 2011 killing. [Link]
  • A 54 year old US citizen was on her way home when she was detained by US Customs and Border Protections. A drug sniffing dog flagged the woman and the US agents had her strip down. Next they probed her anus and vagina for “hours and hours” before finding nothing and giving up the search. The US agents then tried to bully the woman to sign a consent for the sexual assault she was just given by them. When she refused, they billed her $5,000. [Link]


  • Parents call police to help them locate their missing 7 year old autistic daughter, who has a history of wandering off. When police arrive, they detain the parents and accuse them of murder. The parents pleaded with police to let them search for their daughter, but the police refused. The little girl was found dead in a lake that her parents bagged police to search. [Link]
  • NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio, is trying to buy the next election with tax payer money. The mayor agreed to buy police military style equipment, all paid for by tax dollars. The equipment will be used to suppress and beat down the same citizens who paid for it. [Link]


  • During the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, LAPD fired 107 bullets into a truck with two women by mistake. One woman was struck 2 by bullets. The officers who shot at the woman will not face any charges. Police officers continues to get away with crime because they are scared. [Link]
  • A ex police officer talks about making fake drug busts. The officer would lie about evidence and have innocent people wrongly imprisoned. He did this for praise and advancement in his career. The cops only served 18 months, while one of his victims served 4 years. [Link]


  • Police officers rounded up about 5o Native Americans and held them in a make shift jail. The jail was two basketball courts, one fore men and one fore women, that provided the prisoners no bathroom or protection from the elements. The Native Americas are now suing the town. [Link]
  • Police officers come to a little boys birthday party and shoot his dog. The boy was celebrating his 5th birthday when police officers shot his dog threw the fence. They were there to serve a 10 year old warrant for someone who no longer lived in the home. The cops never presented a warrant to the parents and never apologize to the child for killing his dog. [Link]


  • A rape victim is suing after she was jailed. The woman who is only know as “Jenny”, was rapped and had a mental health crisis while testifying. To make sure she should testify when the trial continued, the prosecutor jailed Jenny for nearly a month. [Link]
  •  Police shoot a man,Charles Kinsey. who was laying prone on the ground with his hands in the air. The man was a caretaker for an autistic man. [Link]


  • A police officer is caught receiving sexual favors as a bribe and believes that if Hillary is not going to jail he should not either. Read Here.


  • Dallas Police Chief, “We’re asking cops to do too much in this country…Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve.” Read Here.
  • After murdering Alton Sterling, police seize evidence of their crime without a warrant and arrest the witness. Read Here.


  • Chicago Police knock on a family’s door claiming to have a warrant. Once inside the home the police refused to produce the warrant, then they invite a fully armed SWAT team into the family’s home. The family is still searching for answers. Read Here.
  • Scott Horton and Will Grigg talk Dallas Shootings, BLM, race relations in America, and how to fix the problems of police violence. Best insight on all those issues I’ve heard so far. Listen Here.


  • The war is coming home. After 15 years of consecutive war, the weapons and tactics that have been used to fight terrorists are now being used by American police officers to fight you. Read Here.


  • Police officers are killing more and more dogs. Many SWAT teams seem to be shooting dogs just because they are present, and not because the dogs are acting in an aggressive manner. The police are facing no consequences for all of these dog murders. This gives insight into the mindset of our police force, who seem to be able to kill anything they think maybe a potential threat. Read Here.
  • When officers are allowed to shoot any threat we get this story, Read Here. A man reaching for his wallet was shot 4 or 5 times by a police officer. There was also a 4 year old child in the back seat. The cop only cared about his own safety, as he killed one man and fired 4 bullets into the direction of a child.