US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle


  • Southern Separatists in Yemen seize government buildings in Aden. The Separatists are fighting against the Saudi backed government. [Link]


  • The Houthi have freed a US citizen who has been detained in Yemen. [Link]
  • Saudi aid package to Yemen is insufficient to resolve the humanitarian crisis. [Link]


  • Daniel Larison debunks the claim Iran backs the Houthi. [Link]
  • Cranes arrive at a port in Yemen to help offload aid into the country. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia kills at least 11 Yemeni civilians with an airstrike on a market. [Link]
  • The Yemeni government forced an Al-Jazeera bureau in Yemen to close. [Link]


  • On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia killed at least 68 Yemeni civilians in airstrikes. [Link] Saudi Arabia killed 20 by bombing a restaurant in Yemen. [Link]
  • The number of US airstrikes against al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen tripled in 2017. [Link]
  • The UN is “deeply disturbed” by recent Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia killed 70 Yemeni civilians on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Tuesday, Saudi killed at leat 25 civilians in an airstrike on a market. [Link]


  • US forces have conducted multiple ground raids in Yemen in 2017. The US also says it carried out 120 strikes against terror groups. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia killed 11 civilians with airstrikes in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is targeting the first responders who are rushing in to try to save people. [Link]


  • Iona Craig releases data on Saudi’s airstrikes in Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia kills ten Yemeni women going to a wedding in an airstrike. [Link]


  • The US Ambassador to Yemen prevented important humanitarian infrastructure from reaching Yemen. The ambassador has also been unwilling to present the Houthi with an acceptable offer. [Link]
  • At least 39 people were killed by a Saudi airstrike in Yemen. The airstrike hit a police building and prison. [Link]
  • The Houthi and factions loyal to the deceased former president Saleh are close to making a deal. The Houthi have released several journalists who were loyal to Saleh. [Link]


  • Will Porter explains why official civilian casualty counts in Yemen are too low. [Link]


  • Daniel Larison on the starvation of the people of Yemen. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia continues to block humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen. [Link]


  • The Houthi are holding 41 journalists in Sanaa hostage. [Link]


  • Trump calls on Saudi Arabia to relax their blockade of Yemen. Trump is asking Saudi Arabia to allow aid to enter Yemen. [Link] Saudi Arabia has not allowed fuel to enter Yemen in over a month. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia increases the intensity of the bombing of Sanaa. [Link]


  • Iona Craig details the horrors Yemeni children live under. [Link]
  • US bombs being used on civilian targets in Yemen. [Link]


  • The US missile defense system likely failed to hit Houthi converted SCUD missile fired at Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • After several days of clashes, the Houthi have killed the former president of Yemen Salah. Last week the Houthi/Salah alliance dissolved and Salah allied himself with Saudi Arabia. [Link] Moon of Alabama reacts. [Link]
  • Senator Todd Young is holding up a State Department appointments to get answers about the Saudi blockade of Yemen. [Link]


  • Yemen’s former president Salah has ended his alliance with the Houthi. Salah is now receiving air support from the Saudi coalition. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia intercepts a ballistic missile fired from Yemen. [Link]
  • Some fighting has broken out between Houthi and Salah forces in Sanaa. [Link]


  • Daniel Larison on the starvation of the Yemeni people. [Link]
  • UK Prime Minister tells Saudi Arabia to end the blockade of Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia allows same humanitarian aid to enter Yemen. Many ships continue to be blocked by Saudi Arabia from providing aid to Yemen. [Link]


  • The Washington Post editorial board covered the war in Yemen without mentioning the US support for war crimes. [Link]


  • 130 children die every day in Yemen. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia blocks ’60 Minutes’ from entering Yemen. The show was still about to get some footage on the horrifying conditions in Yemen. [Link]


  • The US carried out three operations against IS in Yemen between November 10-12. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia bombed the airport in Yemen. The destruction of the airport will make it more difficult to get starving people food. [Link]
  • 47 people were killed in a suicide attack in the southern Yemen. The last time this target was attacked, IS claimed responsibility. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia continues to block ports and airports in Northern Yemen. [Link]
  • House passes a non-binding resolution that declares the US role in Saudi’s war against Yemen is unauthorized. [Link]


  • The US claims the missile fired from Yemen at Saudi Arabia is Iranian made. [Link]
  • The UN warns the Saudi blockade of Yemen will kill millions of people. [Link]


  • The UN says Saudi Arabia must lift the blockade of Yemen to avoid a massive famine. [Link]


  • Nikki Haley said the UN needs to take actions against Iran because of the Yemeni missile fired at Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia kills 30 people in Yemen. Children, women, and paramedics were among the dead. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia has not blocked humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia claims to have intercepted a ballistic missile fired from Yemen. [Link]
  • 895,000 people are suspected to have contracted cholera in Yemen. [Link]


  • Eric Garris on the defeat of H.Con.Res 81. [Link]


  • In Yemen, 29 civilians were killed when Saudi Arabia bombed a market. [Link]
  • A Saudi airstrike killed 40 people at a Houthi training camp. [Link]
  • The House Rules Committee removes the privileged status from H.Con.Res.81. Under the War Powers Act, resolutions are given a privileged status to guarantee vote. [Link]


  • Six Yemeni civilians were killed by a Saudi airstrike. Four of the dead are children. Only one member of the family survived the attack. [Link]


  • The Yemen cholera outbreak is now the worst in history. [Link]
  • The US claims to have carried out drone strikes against the Islamic State in Yemen. If the claim is true, it would be the first drone strikes carried out against IS in Yemen. Yemenis on the ground say the strikes targeted al-Qaeda fighters who were fighting against the Houthi. [Link]


  • Recent Saudi airstrikes kill 29 children in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has been criticized several times for killing Yemeni children. [Link]
  • H.Con.Res 81 now has 30 cosponsors. [Link]


  • The vote on H.Con.Res 81 has been postponed until November 2. [Link]


  • H.Con.Res 81 now has 27 cosponsors. The bill looks to end US involvement in the Yemeni Civil War. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Yemen is killing children. [Link]


  • Aid groups report that over 2,000 people in Yemen, including unborn babies, have died from cholera. [Link]
  • Education in Yemen continues to suffer because of the civil war. Many teachers have not been paid in months and some are going on strike. Over 1,700 schools are unfit because of damage from the conflict. [Link]


  • The UK refuses to back an investigation into war crimes in Yemen. [Link]
  • An early draft of the UN blacklist of countries that kill children includes Saudi Arabia for their crimes in Yemen. [Link]
  • Daniel Larison argues members of Congress should vote for the House resolution to end the US involvement in Saudi’s war against Yemen. [Link]


  • A US Reaper drone was shot down near Sanaa Yemen by the Houthi. [Link]


  • The UN agreed to send war crimes investigators to Yemen. The UN agreement was a watered down version of a resolution to investigate war crimes in Yemen proposed by Canada and Denmark. [Link]


  • Human Rights Watch claims both sides in the Yemeni Civil War are preventing aid from reaching people in need. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia published a letter threatening nations that support the UN resolution that creates an independent investigation into war crimes in Yemen. [Link]


  • Yemen’s President Hadi says that he only sees a military solution in the Yemen Civil War. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia claims to have shot down a missile launched from Yemen. [Link]


  • Nine Yemeni civilians were killed by a Saudi airstrike. The civilians were in their home and most of the dead were children. [Link]


  • China backs a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights plan to investigate atrocities in Yemen. The US and Saudi Arabia continue to oppose the plan. [Link]


  • 1,100 children have been killed during the civil war in Yemen. The Saudi led coalition is responsible killing most of the children. [Link]


  • The photos the US and Saudi Arabia do not want you to see. [Link]


  • 60 human rights groups are calling for an investigation into war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. [Link]
  • Nassar Arraybee talks about the conditions on the ground in Yemen on the Scott Horton Show. Arraybee explains how Saudi Arabia is weaponizing starvation and disease in Yemen. [Link]


  • The Houthis and former Yemeni President Salah agree to reaffirm their alliance after clashes between the groups left three dead. [Link]


  • A Saudi airstrike killed 16 civilians in Yemen. Seven of the dead were children. [Link]


  • The top US commander in the Middle East, General Votel, visited the Saudi border with Yemen to experience Saudi Arabia’s fight against the Houthi. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia bombed a hotel in Yemen killing 60. Many of those killed were civilians staying in the hotel. Saudi Arabia claims the hotel was a legitimate target. [Link]
  • A split is forming in the relationship between the Houthi and the former president of Yemen Salah. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is creating a media blackout of Yemen by making it very difficult for journalists to travel to Yemen. [Link]


  • Daniel Larison explains how President Trump is now assisting Saudi Arabia’s brutal war against the people of Yemen. [Link]


  • Yemeni activist Hisham al-Omeisy has been abducted and is being held by Houthi forces. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia has moved troops into Aden, Yemen. [Link]
  • The UN says Saudi Arabia is preventing and delaying humanitarian aid from reaching Northern Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia has used more airstrikes in Yemen in the first half of 2017 then in all of 2016. [Link]


  • Over 500,000 Yemeni civilians have been sick with cholera since the outbreak started in April. At least 1,975 people have died from cholera. [Link]


  • A UK official says that the world needs to add to the UK’s effort to save people in Yemen from cholera. The official said humanitarian aid is “the only hope the Yemeni people have to survive.” [Link]
  • The UN has rejected a proposal from Saudi Arabia that would have the UN run the airport in Sanaa Yemen. The UN says it is the responsibility of the combatants to make sure humanitarian aid can get to the people. [Link]


  • Human traffickers moving people from Africa to Yemen forced 100s of people from life rafts while at sea. Two incidents of this occurred in two days leaving 70 dead. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia calls for the UN to run the airport in Sanaa under certain conditions set by Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia has prevented planes from using the airport in Sanaa Yemen. The Yemeni Health Minister estimates that over 10,000 Yemeni have died because of the closure of the airport. [Link]


  • The US troops are part of a UAE lead mission against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The US and UAE troops are supporting 2,000 UAE paid mercenaries. [Link]


  • Bruce Riedel argues that Iran is gaining the upper hand on Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Riedel says Iran has slowly increased their support for the Houthi rebels as the Saudi War in Yemen has dragged on. Iran provides the Houthi with a few weapons and Saudi Arabia spends $200 million a day on the war. [Link]


  • Johnathan Marshall explains how US policy in Yemen is assisting al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. [Link]


  • The Red Cross estimates that 1 in 45 Yemeni people will contract cholera. [Link]


  • The cholera outbreak that started in late April in Yemen has now reached 400,000 cases. [Link]
  • Fighting in the port city of Mocha has left 40 dead. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is preventing fuel aid from reaching Yemen. The fuel aid is important for keeping water treatment plants and hospital generators on. [Link]


  • The UN says 80% of Yemeni children are in need of humanitarian aid. [Link]


  • The Houthi fired  a missile from Yemen  into Saudi Arabia and hit power transformer. Hitting the power transformer disable the Saudi mobile refinery. [Link]


  • Oxfam projects the current cholera outbreak in Yemen may infect over 600,000 people. A few months ago experts predicted 300,000 cases. [Link]
  • The Saudi led coalition bombed a Yemeni fishing boat and killed eight fishermen. [Link]


  • The US policy in Yemen is creating more terrorists. [Link]


  • The Saudi led coalition killed over 20 civilians with airstrikes in Yemen. [Link]
  • Charities that support the rights of children are asking the UN to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for killing children in Yemen. In a report released last year, the UN pulled Saudi Arabia from a list of countries that kill children. [Link]


  • Forces loyal to the Saudi Arabia attacked Houthi rebels on the road between the Port of Hodeida and the city of Taez. 15 fighters were killed in the battle. [Link]


  • The Washington Post’s editorial on the Yemen conflict misrepresents the war. The Post failed to mention the US role in supporting the Saudi-led war. [Link]
  • The disaster in Yemen has been ignored by the media. Millions of Yemeni are at risk of starving to death. [Link]
  • Nassar Arraybee reports that Sudanese fighters are supporting the Saudi coalition in Yemen. [Link]
  • The US doubled the amount of mid air refueling it provides to the Saudi coalition fighting in Yemen after Saudi Arabia bombed a funeral in October. [Link]


  • The UN Special Envoy for Yemen says the situation in Yemen is getting worse daily. 14 million Yemeni citizens are in desperate need of food aid. [Link]


  • The UN is halting plans to send cholera vaccines to Yemen. The UN says the conflict will make that distribution of the vaccines in Yemen very difficult. [Link]


  • There have been more than 300,000 suspected cases of cholera in Yemen. [Link]
  • The High Court in London dismissed a case that would have stopped weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • The recent cholera outbreak has not infected 270,000 Yemenis. The war in Yemen has destroyed medical facilities, roads, and jobs making it very difficult for people in some parts of the country to receive treatment for cholera. [Link]


  • This article shows a map of control for the conflict in Yemen. [Link]


  • 1,500 Yemeni have died from Cholera since the most recent outbreak started. [Link]


  • The areas worst hit by the cholera outbreak in Yemen are shown in this map.


  • Over 200,000 cases of cholera have occurred in Yemen. 1,300 have died of cholera since April 27th. [Link]


  • In Yemen, the US claims to have killed three al-Qaeda members with a drone strike. [Link]


  • The AP reports widespread abuse and torture in Southern Yemeni prisons. Prisoners report one method of torture is to roast the victim over a fire. The prisons are run by the Yemeni government and UAE. US military members may have carried out interrogations in the prisons where the torture is occurring. [Link]


  • At least 20 Yemeni civilians were killed by an Saudi airstrike last week. [Link]


  • Two men were killed by a suspected US drone strike in Yemen. The two men have been accused of being members of al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • The Yemeni government agrees to a UN-backed plan to turn the Port of Hodeidah over to a neutral party. The Houthi currently control the port and have not agreed to the UN plan. [Link]


  • A cholera outbreak in Yemen has infected 124,000 and killed 923. [Link]
  • Yemeni government forces make progress against the Houthi in Tazi. 30 fighters were killed in the battle. [Link]


  • Oxfam says that one person in Yemen is dying of cholera every hour. [Link]
  • At least 12 Yemeni government soldiers have been killed by an al-Qaeda car bomb. [Link]
  • A Multination naval coalition is stepping up patrols around Yemen due to piracy. [Link]


  • Since April 27, 100,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported. Nearly 800 people have died of cholera in this outbreak. [Link]


  • The death toll from the cholera outbreak in Yemen is now over 600. [Link]


  • Over 500 people in Yemen died of cholera in a single month. [Link]
  • The UAE seized the airport in the South Yemen city of Aden from the Hadi government. The Hadi government is supported by Saudi Arabia.  One soldier was killed in the fighting. [Link]


  • Scott Horton interview Clair Manera on the cholera outbreak in Yemen. [Link]
  • A UN report finds that the crisis in Yemen that has been warned about is now occurring. [Link]


  • During the May 23rd raid in Yemen, a 15-year-old Yemeni civilian was killed fleeing the fighting. [Link]
  • Since April 27th, 471 people in Yemen have died of cholera. [Link]
  • James Mattis claims that Iran is trying to destabilize Yemen. [Link]


  • Yemeni civilians give their account of an April 23rd airstrike that the US claims killed seven members of al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula. The Yemeni civilians claim that the strike killed civilians and not members of AQAP. [Link]
  • Yemeni civilians gave their account of a recent raid by US special forces. The US government reported that the raid resulted in seven dead members of AQAP. Civilians report that the special forces shot a man who went to welcome them to the town. The special forces then shot four other civilians, including a 69-year-old man. The US special forces then engaged with AQAP fighters and killed two. [Link]
  • 329 people have died of cholera in Yemen since April 27th. Most of the deaths are in the country’s capital Saana. [Link]


  • Two US soldiers were injured and seven members of al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula were killed in a raid in Yemen. [Link]


  • A Houthi missile landed 20 miles from Riyadh the day before Trump arrived. [Link]


  • The head of an NGO reports civilians in Yemen are eating a meal every two days and living in caves to avoid warfare. [Link]


  • A Cholera outbreak in Yemen has killed over 180 people since April 27th. [Link]


  • In Yemen, the city of Sanaa has declared a state of emergency due to a cholera outbreak. At least a few dozen people in Yemen have died from cholera. [Link]


  • The Hadi government has condemned the secessionist push in South Yemen. [Link]


  • Leaders in South Yemen are pushing for the Yemen to redivided into North and South Yemen. [Link]


  • The destabilization created by the war in Yemen has to lead to an increase of piracy in the Red Sea. [Link]


  • A 7-year-old Yemeni girl starves to death because of the US-supported war in Yemen. [Link]


  • The leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen says that US-backed forces are fighting alongside al-Qaeda in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is using Yemeni Sunni tribal fighters in an attempt to win a war against the Houthi. The US is assisting Saudi Arabia in their air war and blockade against the Houthi. [Link]


  • Four people have been killed by a US airstrike in Yemen. The US claims the dead were members of al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • Yemen’s health care system is failing. 14 million Yemeni lack access to health care. An outbreak of cholera is adding to the burden on the remaining health care system. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia continues to advocate for an attack on the port city Hodeidah. The attack will likely be unsuccessful as the Houthi who hold the city are prepared for house to house fighting. The attack will also shut down the port that is delivering 80% of aid to the starving Yemeni population. Any US support for Saudi Arabia will increase support for the Houthi. [Link]
  • The Pentagon issued a statement today saying that a US drone strike killed 8 al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen. [Link]


  • In Yemen, a child under the age of five dies every ten minutes from preventable causes. [Link]
  • A US drone strike in Yemen kills seven people. Three of those killed are confirmed to be civilians. Four people traveling in a car have been labeled as suspected al-Qaeda fighters. [Link]


  • While on a visit to Saudi Arabia, Secretary of Defense Mattis suggested the US would increase support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. [Link]


  • The Trump Administration is looking for a pledge from Saudi Arabia to improve targeting practices in Yemen before selling more weapons to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • The UN World Food Program now reports that some areas of Yemen are in famine-like condition. [Link]


  • A Saudi Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Yemen killing 12 Saudi military officers. [Link]


  • While world leaders continue to watch and do nothing, Yemen is descending into famine. 60% of the population of Yemen is starving. 460,000 children are severely malnourished. [Link]


  • In two days, 40 soldiers, rebels, and civilians died during fighting in Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is trying to starve the Yemeni population into submission. The US is supporting Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. Over 400,000 children are acutely malnourished and could die of starvation. [Link]


  • The Saudi Arabia coalition plans to attack and capture the Port of Hodeidah in Yemen. Hodeidah is the last port in the Houthi held area of Yemen. 70% of the food aid going to civilians in the Houthi held area arrives through this port. [Link]


  • The Pentagon announced Monday that the US has carried out over 20 drone strikes in Yemen since the middle of last week. The drone strikes targeted al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • An airstrike in Yemen hit a taxi carrying civilians. After paramedics arrived on the scene, a second strike hit the same site. The bodies of the eight that were killed remained on the street for hours as everyone was too afraid of another strike to go closer to the bodies. Reports suggest that Saudi Arabia carried out the attack. [Link]


  • UK police are investigating Saudi war crimes in Yemen. [Link]


  • The Central Command chief joins General Mattis in calling for an escalation of US involvement in Yemen based on a false narrative. [Link]


  • Linked is a map showing who controls what in Yemen. [Link]


  • The Trump Administration is considering giving additional aid to the Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting against the Houthi in Yemen. [Link]


  • The UN now says that 60% of Yemeni are in crisis or emergency need of food. [Link]


  • The UN Special Envoy to Yemen reports that neither side of the war is willing to engage in peace talks. [Link]


  • Patrick Cockburn explains why there is no winning for the US in Yemen. [Link]


  • Dan McAdams explains how the US war in Yemen is aiding al-Qaeda. [Link]


  • A Saudi airstrike hit a market in Northern Yemen killing at least 22 civilians. [Link]


  • Al-Qaeda forces in Yemen are appealing to the US government for help in repelling an advancing Houthi army. The US is supporting Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign against the Houthi and has been carrying out airstrikes against al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • The people of the village where the botched US raid occurred are giving their accounts of what happened during the raid. [Link]
  • Trump’s move to reinstate the blocked weapon sale to Saudi Arabia show that the US gives full support to Saudi Arabia’s war against the people of Yemen. [Link]


  • Amnesty International has accused Saudi Arabia of using cluster bombs in residential areas in Yemen. The alledged attacks occurred on February 15. [Link]


  • A US drone strike killed two children in central Yemen. [Link]


  • The US continues to carry out airstrikes in Yemen. The US has identified one person killed by the strikes. The person killed was a former Gitmo detainee and was not a high valued target. [Link]


  • Trump orders an expansion of America’s counterterrorism war in Yemen. [Link]
  • US airstrikes in Yemen hit civilian targets and wounded innocent people. The US is expanding its targeting of al-Qaeda in Yemen from the mountainous regions to towns with larger populationsns. [Link]
  • The US media continues to publish propaganda that justifies US support for the Saudi war in Yemen. The US media regularly lies that the Houthi are a proxy of Iran. [Link]


  • Yemeni officials say that they believe the US missile attacks in Yemen this week are a part of a sustained operation in Yemen. They are unsure of the goal of the attacks but they believe it is to combat AQAP. [Link]


  • The US hit several al-Qaeda targets with 20 missiles across south-central Yemen. These strikes are the first direct US actions in Yemen since the botched raid. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is delaying humanitarian aid ships from reaching Yemen. These delays are causing Yemeni children to die while waiting for the medical supplies that are on the ships. [Link]


  • US officials admit that they did not get any important information in the botched raid in Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi airstrikes near the port of Hodeida have caused food and medical imports to be reduced to a minimum. [Link] 500,000 Yemeni children are on the brink of starvation with 7.3 million people in urgent need of food assistance. [Link]
  • Nearly 50 Yemeni were left dead from the ongoing conflict in the country on Friday. Eight soldiers were killed by a suicide bombing carried out by al-Qaeda. Fighting between the Houthi and Yemeni government soldiers left 35 fighters and five civilians dead. Eight additional civilians were killed by shelling. [Link]


  • Yemeni people who were displaced from their homes by the war are returning home. Many of the people are returning home because they are unable to find any income or service for basic needs in the areas they fled to. The areas the displaced Yemenis are returning to are still dangerous, and they likely risk their lives by returning home. [Link]


  • This article looks into Trump’s policy in Yemen so far. The article also suggests that Trump will soon approve a sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • One of the men killed in the botched US raid in Yemen was a Yemeni tribal leader allied to the Hadi government. The US supports the Haid government and the US position in Yemen seems to be to see Hadi resume his role as president of the entire country. [Link]


  • At least five women have been killed when Saudi Arabia bombed a Yemeni funeral. Aid workers say that number is expected to rise. [Link] Other sources put the death toll at 11. [Link]


  • The US provided over 1,000 tanker sorties in support of Saudi’s air war against Yemen in 2016. This is an increase of 50% over the number of tanker sorties in the previous year. The US has provided over 7,500 midair refuelings to the Saudis since the start of their air war against Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi airstrikes hit a family home in the city of al-Mocha killing six civilians. Saudi Arabia had declared that the city of al-Mocha was 100% under their control a few days ago. The airstrike also severely wounded a doctor who runs a local NGO. [Link]
  • Yemenis with cancer are being forced to the black market in an attempt to find medications for treatment. The Saudi blockade has prevented many medications from entering the country. When medications can be found, most Yemeni do not have enough money to pay for the medication and must rely on charity. [Link]


  • In Yemen, recent fighting along the coast of the Red Sea has left tens of thousands displaced. [Link]


  • In Houthi-controlled Yemen, Saudi Arabia attacked the port of Hodeidah with several airstrikes. This port is only one the only ways to get aid into Northern Yemen. [Link]


  • According to the World Health Organization, less than 45% of the healthcare centers in Yemen are operational. [Link]


  • The Yemeni government has backtracked from its stance that it was pulling permission for the US to conduct ground raids in Yemen. [Link] The Yemeni government now says that it is looking for the US government to seek permission before conducting raids. [Link]


  • Yemen has withdrawn permission for the US to conduct ground raids in Yemen. This move follows the botched raid that occurred on Trump’s second weekend in office. [Link]


  • Doctors Without Borders releases a statement claiming that Yemen is in a full humanitarian crisis and all sides of the conflict are carrying out attacks without regard to civilian lives. [Link]


  • A human rights watchdog group release a list of human rights violations committed in Yemen so far in 2017. All sides of the conflict are on the list that includes torture, executions, abductions, and killings of civilians. [Link]


  • The US has positioned a destroyer off the coast of Yemen. The USS Cole has arrived in the Bab al-Mandab Strait with the official mission of keeping shipping lanes open. [Link]
  • In Yemen, al-Qaeda seized three towns this week. The al-Qaeda victories follow the botched US raid on al-Qaeda last weekend. [Link]
  • To prove the success of last weekend’s raid in Yemen, the Pentagon released a video they suggested was valuable intelligence recovered in the raid. The Pentagon took the video down after it was discovered the video has been publically available since 2007. The Pentagon then said the purpose of releasing the video was not to prove the success of the raid. [Link]


  • Speaking about last weekend raid in Yemen, a US military official said, “that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.” [Link]


  • The 8-year-old girl who was killed in a US raid on al-Qaeda in Yemen was an American citizen. [Link]


  • A rocket hit a building that was being used by members of the UN working on a ceasefire for Yemen. The UN did not say who was behind the attack, but Saudi media blamed the Houthi. No deaths or injuries were reported from the rocket strike. [Link]
  • A US drone strike hit a vehicle traveling in Southwest Yemen. It is being reported that two al-Qaeda members were traveling in the vehicle and were killed by the strike. [Link]
  • Houthi’s use ballistic missiles to target Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea. One missile hit a Saudi ship killing two crewmen. The other missile targeted an island in the Red Sea that has a Saudi military base. No casualties were reported from the second strike attack. [Link]


  • One US soldier was killed, and three others were wounded during a raid against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The eight-year-old daughter of American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was killed after being shot in the neck. [Link]
  • Updated reports from the US say that only 14 al-Qaeda members were killed in the raid and 16 civilians were killed as well. [Link] Yemeni officials report the number of al-Qaeda dead to be higher. [Link]
  • 120 were killed in fighting between the Houthi and pro-Saudi forces in Southwest Yemen. [Link]


  • The US conducted a raid on an al-Qaeda camp in Yemen. Reports say that 41 al-Qaeda fighters are dead along with 16 civilians. [Link]


  • The UK Defense Ministry has uncovered 252 alleged violations of the international humanitarian law by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. [Link]


  • The UN warns that immediate action is needed to prevent a famin in Yemen in 2017. [Link]


  • The Yemeni army claims to have liberated the port city of Mokha from the Houthi rebels. [Link]


  • Egypt will continue to provide military support to Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen. [Link]
  • Over 75 people were killed in Yemen over the weekend. Most were killed in fighting in SouthWest Yemen. [Link]


  • Doctors Without Borders reports that 10 children were killed by an explosion in Yemen. [Link]


  • Nearly 100 Yemeni children have died in suspected cases of cholera. The spread of cholera in Yemen is reported to be slowing some after the outbreak last year. [Link]


  • In an interview with Scott Horton, Yemeni reporter Nasser Arrabyee says between 60,000-70,000 people have been killed in the war in Yemen. [Link]


  • The UN reports that the death toll from the war in Yemen is now over 10,000. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia makes a second push to take a mountain base near the Red Sea from Houthis. The attack leaves 55 dead, mostly Houthis. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia bombed a Yemeni school killing eight children and critically wounding 15 more. [Link]


  • Fighting along the coast of the Red Sea in Yemen leaves 68 dead. Most of the dead are Houthi as they try to defend the city from pro-government forces. [Link]


  • The Saudi coalition fighting a war in Yemen continues to violate human rights and starve children to death. The US and UK continue to support the Saudi coalition. [Link]


  • Troops loyal to President Hadi and fighters from al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula clash in Southern Yemen leaving 26 dead. [Link]


  • In Yemen, Saudi bombs kill 25 people including 11 civilians. [Link]


  • At least 5 members of a Yemeni family are dead after Saudi Arabia dropped two bombs on their home. [Link]


  • The war in Yemen has destroyed most of the countries healthcare system. Childbirth has become very dangerous for the babies and mothers. Many women are miscarrying or giving birth to premature babies due to the airstrikes. The Saudi blockade is preventing medications, medical equipment, and vaccines from entering the country. Many people die of treatable diseases. Some patients are unable to reach the hospital for treatment because airstrikes destroy the road between their home and the hospital. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia has launched an offensive against the only Houthi held district in Southern Yemen. 40 have been reported killed in the fighting so far. [Link]


  • Yemeni forces are retaliating against Saudi Arabia by firing missiles into Saudi Arabia and having snipers target Saudi troops in Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Cluster bombs made in the UK and sold to Saudi Arabia have been used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. [Link] Saudi Arabia admits to using the weapons and agrees to stop using them. [Link]


  • In Yemen, a suicide bomber blows himself up in a crowd of soldiers waiting to collect paycheck killing at least 49. A week ago a similar attack killed 50 soldiers. Islamic State claimed responsibility for both attacks and both attacks occurred in the port city of Aden. [Link]
  • The government backed by Yemeni President Hadi has been kicked out of power in the city of Taiz. A group of militias known as the Popular Resistance felt the Hadi backed government was taking resources from the city and not assisting the city in its fight against the Houthi. The Houthi have had Taiz under siege since early this year. [Link]


  • Almost all wheat imports into Yemen are being stopped because of the crisis at the central bank. [Link]


  • In Yemen, Saudi Arabia is using US made cluster bombs against civilian targets. In one attack, Saudi Arabia attacked fishing boats and killed a civilian. The US continues to support Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen. [Link]


  • A report from UNICEF says, “At least one child dies every ten minutes in Yemen because of preventable diseases such as diarrhea, malnutrition, and respiratory tract infections.” [Link]
  • The US will stop some weapon sales to Saudi Arabia out of concerns for Saudi’s indiscriminate bombing of Yemen. Officials say the US will not sell Saudi Arabia guidance systems that turn dumb bombs into smart bombs. The US made no announcement about ending other weapon sales, stopping America’s role in the Saudi blockade of Yemen, or not refueling Saudi warplanes going to Yemen to drop bombs. [Link]
  • 11 headless bodies were found in Aden, Yemen. It is unclear who beheaded the men, but both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda operate in Aden. [Link]


  • An Oxfam group reports 7 million Yemeni are on the brink of starving to death. This includes 500,000 children and infants who are in immediate need of treatment for malnutrition. [Link]


  • The primary beneficiary of the US-supported Saudi war in Yemen has been Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Penninsula. AQAP is one of the most dangerous Al-Qaeda groups and has targeted the US several times. [Link]


  • In Yemen, pro-Hadi soldiers were in line to revive paychecks when attacked by an Islamic State suicide bomber. At least 45 soldiers were killed in the attack. [Link]


  • US made bombs have been used by Saudi Arabia in 23 unlawful airstrikes in Yemen. [Link]


  • Children in Yemen are dying of cancer as the war in the country prevents them from receiving treatment. [Link]
  • Al-Qaeda blows up Yemen’s only oil export pipeline. [Link]


  • Yemen’s central bank was operating as a natural party and critical to keeping the crisis in Yemen from becoming worse. Yemen’s president Hadi has shut down the neutral central bank and started his own. This has led to 1.2 million Yemeni not getting paid and will likely make the humanitarian crisis much worse. [Link]
  • In Taiz Yemen, 172 were killed in November. 23 of those dead were children. Indiscriminate rocket fire and sniper fire are blamed for the deaths. [Link]


  • In Yemen, children are starving to death as both sides of the civil war block the flow of food and medical supplies into the country. Saudi airstrikes and naval blockade prevent food and supplies from entering. The Houthi block aid from reaching medical facilities. Families are being forced to choose between getting their severely malnourished children the medical care they need to prevent starvation and feeding their other children. [Link]


  • In Yemen, the Houthi and the ex-Yemen president have formed a new government. [Link]


  • 13 civilians were killed by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. [Link]


  • In Yemen, hospital staff are being terrorized by anti-Houthi forces. [Link]
  • The “Yemen Files” released by Wikileaks show how the US supplied military equipment to Yemen. [Link]


  • Wikileaks released 500 documents collected from the US Embassy in Saana Yemen. The documents are from 2009-2015. [Link]


  • In Yemen, at least 40 have been killed in fighting around Taiz since the ceasefire ended Monday. [Link]


  • At least 19 have been killed in Taiz Yemen since the ceasefire ended on Monday. The casualties were Houthi fighters or government troops. [Link]
  • A Saudi airstrike killed 12 civilians who were traveling in a truck near Hiran, Yemen. [Link]


  • The Yemen ceasefire expired Monday morning and will not be renewed. Both sides of the conflict violated the ceasefire while it was in effect over the weekend.  [Link]


  • The Yemen ceasefire is being strained by Saudi airstrikes and gun fighting in Taiz. [Link]


  • In Taiz, Yemen 21 were killed and 76 were wounded during shelling of the city. [Link]
  • A missile fired by the Houthi into Saudi Arabia kills a Saudi soldier. Saudi Arabia announced the start of a 48-hour ceasefire. The ceasefire will begin Saturday morning. The Houthi have agreed to the ceasefire. [Link]


  • The Saudi-led Arab Coalition and the Houthi have agreed to a temporary ceasefire in Yemen that would begin Thursday. The Yemeni government has rejected the ceasefire and said it would not negotiate with the Houthi. [Link]


  • The Saudi war against Yemen continues to harm Yemeni civilians. The World Health Organization reports more than 4,000 cases of cholera in Yemen. On Sunday, 13 Yemeni civilians were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia has been destroying the Yemeni economy and the countries ability to produce food with the assistance of the US. [Link]
  • A breakdown on who is fighting who in Yemen. [Link]


  • USAID provides key facts and stats about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The most striking stat is 21.6 million of Yemen 26 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. [Link]


  • A BBC article tells the story of Abdullah al-Ibbi, who lost 27 members of his family when a Saudi airstrike destroyed his home. [Link]


  • Congressman Lieu writes a letter to John Kerry and Ash Carter explaining how US service members could be prosecuted for war crimes in Yemen. The US is providing mid-air refueling to Saudi planes that attack Yemen. Saudia Arabia has hit several civilian targets including hospitals, schools, and funerals. [Link]


  • Saudi Ambassador to the US vows to continue bombing Yemen. [Link]


  • The Obama Administration shipped nearly $200 million in weapons to Saudi Arabia in July and August. [Link]


  • The Obama Administration continues to lie about Iran arming the Houthi. [Link]
  • The US calls for Saudi Arabia to end airstrikes against Yemen. The US did not say they would end stop assisting Saudi Arabia with those airstrikes. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia bombs a school and two houses in Yemen. 17 were killed including 13 children and women. [Link]


  • A Saudi airstrike in Taiz, Yemen kills 17 civilians. [Link]
  • Yemen’s President in exile rejects a UN-proposed peace deal. [Link]
  • The Saudi coalition bombs a prison in Yemen killing at least 60 people. [Link]
  • The World Health Organization believes that there are at least 1,400 cases of cholera in Yemen. The 18-month war in Yemen has destroyed most health facilities. Putting many children at risk, who die in 15% of untreated cholera cases. [Link]


  • 14 million Yemeni are starving as the Saudi war against Yemen continues. [Link]
  • The Obama Administration’s review of the Saudi war crimes in Yemen seems to be rhetoric and not an actual reconsideration of support for the Saudi war. The US continues its full support of the Saudi war against Yemen. The US continues to provide midair refueling, logistical targeting support, and selling weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • A potential UN resolution to end the Yemen war would strip current President in exile, Hadi, of his power. [Link]
  • In the 24 hours after the Yemeni ceasefire ended, at least 37 were killed by fighting between Saudi Arabia and Houthi. [Link]


  • The Yemen Post News Paper reports that Saudi hit Yemen with 65 airstrikes on Tuesday. The Houthi continue to hit the city of Taiz with rockets. [Link]


  • Data collect of Saudi Arabian airstrikes in Yemen suggests Saudi Arabia is targeting Yemeni Farms. [Link]
  • Cholera has at least 9 in the Yemeni port city of Aden. [Link]


  • After the 72-hour ceasefire expired, Saudi Arabia resumed its bombing of Yemen. [Link]


  • Iran has been smuggling weapons to the Yemeni rebel group, Houthi, since May. [Link]
  • The ceasefire in Yemen continues to mostly hold. A Houthi missiles was launched into Saudi Arabia killing 2 and a Saudi missile was launched into Yemen killing 3. [Link]


  • The 72 hour ceasefire is in effect in Yemen. The ceasefire appears to be holding with only a few small violations. [Link]


  • A new ceasefire in Yemen will begin tomorrow. [Link]


  • US attacks Yemen’s rebel held territory for a second time. [Link]
  • Pierre Sprey, chief architect of the F-16, believes that the US likely refueled the jet that bombed the Yemeni funeral. The Us denies refueling planes on the day of the bombing, but admits to refueling Saudi jets the days before and after. [Link]


  • The Saudi investigation into the bombing of a funeral reveals that Saudi conducted the bombing on “bad information.” [Link]
  • Early reports on Saturday from the Navy were that the Houthi fired another missile on the USS Mason. [Link] However, the Navy is now saying the missiles may not have been fired and it was a faulty radar that caused the US to believe it had been. [Link]


  • The missile fired from rebel held Yemen at US warships landed about 10 miles from the ships. [Link]
  • 8 were killed when 2 bombs exploded at a funeral. The funeral was attended by people loyal to the Yemeni government. [Link]
  • The UK introduced a resolution to the UN Security Council demanding an immediate end to the hostilities in Yemen. [Link


  • Iran deploys two military ships off the coast of Yemen. Iran says the ships are to fight piracy. [Link]
  • 1,000 Ethiopian migrants escape jail in Yemen. The Ethiopians were waiting to be deported by the Yemeni government. It is believed the Houthi organized the jail break. [Link]
  • Congressman Ted Lieu writes a letter to John Kerry about Saudi war crimes in Yemen and how the US maybe liable for supporting Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • US Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook admits that the US does not know who fired the missiles that hit the water near a US destroyer off the coast of Yemen. [Link]


  • Missiles fired from the rebel held territory land in water near US destroyer. [Link]
  • US official struggle to explain the difference between Russian and Syrian actions in Aleppo, and the US supported actions of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. [Link]
  • US targets 3 Houthi radar sites with missiles in response to the missiles that have been fired at US destroyers. This is the first time the US has targeted the Houthi. [Link]


  • State Department’s Office of Legal Advisers expressed concern that the US could be held as a party to Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen. [Link]
  • 500,000 Yemeni children under the age of 5 are malnourished. 2/3 of those are so malnourished they could die at anytime. [Link]


  • Bomb fragments recovered at the site of the Yemeni funeral massacre reveal that it was 4 US bombs that killed over 150 Yemeni. [Link]
  • The US continues to support war crimes in Yemen. Under Obama, the US sold Saudi Arabia a record amount of weapons, provided Saudi bombers with midair refueling, and helped Saudi Arabia to pick targets. [Link]
  • Houthi launch missiles at Saudi air bases in response to the Saudi massacre of a Yemeni funeral. Saudi claims to have intercepted the missiles. [Link]


  • Iran offers Yemen humanitarian after Saudi Arabia massacres civilians at a funeral. [Link]
  • In Yemen, Houthi attack the town of Taiz killing 10 civilians, including at least 6 children. The attack by the Houthi is seen as a response for the Saudi bombing of a funeral in Sanaa, Yemen. [Link]
  • Two missiles fired from inside Yemen targeted a US warship off the coast of Yemen. The missiles hit the water and did not damage the ship in anyway. The US says the missiles were fired from Houthi control territory, but so far the Houthi are denying responsibility. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia bombed a funeral yesterday in Yemen. Reports coming from Yemen differ, but thousands were in attendance of the funeral. The Saudi planes dropped at least two, but as many as 4 bombs on the hall where the funeral was being held. At least one of the bombs was dropped a few minutes after the first, hitting rescuers and those trying to escape the burning funeral hall. [Link] Reports of dead range from 150 to over 300, with news sources from Yemen reporting the total is over 700. [Link] All reports of wounded have the number at over 500 with over 300 in critical condition. [Link]
  • The UN has come out and condemned the funeral massacre. The UN will launch an investigation into the attack led by Saudi Arabia and and US investigators. [Link]
  • The US has released a statement on the funeral massacre that there is “no blank check” for Saudi Arabia and they will be reevaluating their relationship with the Kingdom. [Link] However, it is hard to see any truth to the US statement. Saudi Arabia is already responsible for the death of 1000s of Yemeni civilians since joining the war in March 2015. A few weeks ago, the Senate voted to allow a White House approved $1.15 billion weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. The US has also provided intelligence and midair refueling to Saudi bombers throughout the war.
  • In response to the funeral massacre, Yemen’s ex-President, Seleh, has called on Yemeni to attack Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • An outbreak of cholera threatens many Yemeni children that are already starving. Untreated cholera is fatal 15% of the time. [Link]


  • In Yemen, 1.5 million children are suffering from malnutrition. 370,000 children are suffering from severe malnutrition. [Link]
  • Yemeni President, who is currently in exile, has moved the central bank from the capital of Sanaa. Moving the central bank was seen as a move to punish the rebel Houthi. Moving the central bank has also made it more difficult for Yemen to finance food imports. Yemen imports 90% of its food and half of children under 5 have stunted growth from malnutrition. [Link]
  • In Taiz, Yemen, a rocket fired by the Houthi killed 10 children. [Link]


  • A United Arab Emirates ship was sunk by the Houthis. The UAE claims the ship was carrying aid to Aden, Yemen. The Houthis, who control much of Northern Yemen, claim the ship was not carry aid and was a legitimate target. [Link]


  • 8 Yemeni civilians are killed by Saudi airstrikes in the Saada province. [Link]


  • The UN declines to do an  independent investigation into the situation in Yemen. The UN will instead rely on reports from the Yemeni government. This will likely result in a biased report as the Yemeni government is allied with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is blamed for most of the civilian death in Yemen, including the bombing of schools and hospitals. [Link]


  • A US citizen has reportedly been detained by the Houthi in Yemen. The man is reportedly being held at the National Security Bureau in Sanaa, Yemen. [Link]
  • Doctors Without Borders releases a report detailing several times its faculties were hit by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. The international aid group reports they gave the Saudi government the coordinates of their hospital several times before the the airstrikes and the Saudi airstrikes targeted an ambulance. [Link]


  • The Houthis have offered a truce to Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s former president, Saleh, who is the current leader of the political counsel backed by the Houthi, has offered to stop attacks on Saudi Arabia. In exchange, Saudi Arabia would be expect to end airstrikes and the blockade of Yemen. [Link]


  • A Saudi coalition airstrike on the Yemeni city of Ibb hit a civilian house. Reports vary but between 10 and 20 civilians were killed. Women and children were among the dead. [Link]


  • Since the collapse of the ceasefire in early August, more than 300 civilians have been killed in Yemen. Most have died as a result of Saudi airstrikes. The numbers are likely to be underreported as this has been the trend in the conflict. [Link]
  • Sanaa, Yemen is one of the longest inhabited cities in the world and has several building that are over 1000 years old. These structures are currently being destroyed by US made bombs in the Saudi led war against Yemen. [Link]


  • Senators John McCain and Bob Corker voted against the bipartisan bill to block an arms sale to Saudi Arabia. There reasoning was that The Strait of Hormuz is critical to US interests and Yemen would be threatened if Yemen fell the the Houthis. However, the Senators misread their maps as Yemen is 100 of miles away from the Strait of Hormuz. The Senators likely mistook Yemen for Oman. [Link]
  • US Senators who voted against the bill to block an arms sale to Saudi Arabia received big money from the company who sells the weapons. [Link]
  • A look into the Saudi war against Yemen from the perspective of a child. [Link]


  • The Senate was unable to block the White House approved weapon sale to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will buy $1.15 billion in weapons from the US. Several US Senators attempted to block the sale of weapons due to Saudi war crimes against Yemen. Saudi Arabia has bombed hospitals, schools, and other civilian targets in Yemen with US made weapons. [Link]
  • A Saudi airstrike on market  leaves many civilians dead. Reports range from 20 civilians killed to 52 killed. [Link] Warning Graphic Images [Link]


  • Senator Rand Paul on Morning Joe and talks about his bill to block an arm sale to Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • Reuters outlined the dangers of Yemen’s central bank being taken over by President Hadi. The central bank has provided important lines of credit for food, remained independent, and paid government employees on both sides of the war. The ending of these services could lead to a greater humanitarian crisis in Yemen. [Link]


  • In Yemen, Saudi airstrikes hit the oldest district of the city of Sanaa. The area of the city is a UNESCO world heritage sites, and should not be attacked. Sanaa has several building that are over 1,000 years old and is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities. Death are reported from these attacks, but numbers are not known yet. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia used US made bombs to blow up a hospital in Yemen. [Link]


  • Yemen’s President, Hadi, is relocating the Yemeni central bank from the rebel held northern Yemen to the Yemeni Government held southern Yemen. The Yemeni central bank has limited income from the Yemeni oil exports. Hadi also replaced the head of the bank. Andrew Cockburn reported that the Yemeni central bank was financing important food imports that were keeping many from starving. [Link]


  • In Yemen, Houthis are the main force fighting Saudi Arabia. The Houthis have placed landmines around the city of Taizz. The land mines are causing civilian casualties. Including one landmine that exploded killing 7 children and 4 adults. [Link]


  • One in every three Saudi airstrikes in Yemen hit civilian targets. Through August, Saudi Arabia has bombed Yemen 8,600 times. 3,152 of those bombs have hit civilian targets. Civilian targets include schools, hospitals and markets. [Link]
  • Yemeni journalist, Nassar Arrabyee, reports that a Saudi airstrike hit the home of a 13 member Yemeni family. 11 of the family’s 13 members died in the airstrike. Leaving two young boys orphaned. Warning Graphic Image. [Link]


  • The Saudis bomb another factory in Yemen. The article also lays out the case for the UK ending weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • The children of Yemen are suffering the most in the conflict. Yemen imports 90% of its food. The Saudi led blockade and airwar have caused many civilians to be unable to feed themselves. 370,000 children are severely malnourished. This link includes pictures of the malnourished children. [Link]


  • The UN is “deeply disturbed” by a Saudi Arabia attack on a Yemeni water plant. The airstrike hit and destroyed the plant killing children. Then Saudi Arabia attacked the plant again while first responders attempted rescue trapped victims, killing first responders. At least 30 were killed in the attacks on the water plant. [Link]


  • 177 hospitals have been attacked across Yemen. 25 have been destroyed. [Link]


  • Yesterday, over 100 Yemeni Civilians were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link] The night before, An airstrike in the same area of Yemen, killed an entire family of 14. That included the family’s 12 children. Warning Graphic Images. [Link]
  • Yemen is in a state of crisis, largely due to the Saudi air war against Yemen. Daily bombing leave civilians dead. Many in Yemen believe the Saudi war would not be possible without US support and weapons. This is leading to growing anti-American feelings in Yemen. The Saudi’s are also propping up ISIS and Al-Qaeda with weapons. In Northern Yemen, the Houthis are winning battles against the Saudis and taking US tanks and weapons in the process. [Link]


  • Saudi airstrikes in Yemen destroyed a residential building killing 9, including 4 children. A school adjacent to the building was hit by two airstrikes. The school was empty at the time. [Link]


  • In Yemen, Houthis are now recruiting women to fight on their side of the Yemen Civil War. The Houthis are aligned with  ex-Yemeni president Saleh in the North of the country. In the South, Saudi Arabia lead a coalition of gulf oil states aligned with Yemen’s president in exile Hadi. [Link]
  • The ongoing war in Yemen will prevent 350,000 children from going to school this year. [Link]


  • The Saudi war against Yemen has driven two enemies to form an alliance. The Houthi and Yemen’s ex-President Saleh. Some worry that alliance will break apart if the Saudi war against Yemen ends. [Link]


  • Yemeni reporter, Nasser Arrabyee, reports 200 airstrikes in Northern Yemen yesterday. The strikes left 10 civilians dead and 12 injured. Warning graphic Images. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia has killed another 9 Yemeni civilians. 4 women and 5 children died when their home was bombed. [Link]


  • The 18 month war in Yemen has left at least 10,000 dead. However, so many have fled their homes after they were destroyed it is impossible to know the real number at this point. A Saudi Arabia and US supported blockade of Yemen has made if difficult for journalist and international aid groups to enter Yemen. This makes discovering the true number of lives lost very difficult. [Link]
  • Another 16 Yemeni civilians were murdered by Saudi bombs. The Saudi war plane reminded in the area after the bombing, preventing rescuers from reaching those who were injured in the strike. [Link]


  • ISIS bombs a Saudi military recruitment facility in Aden, Yemen, killing at least  71. The people Aden were not startled by the bombing and said they experience explosions like this frequently. [Link]


  • 25 civilians were killed by Saudi Arabia’s air strikes in one day in Yemen. Warning Graphic Images. [Link] Another 30 women and children were reported to have been killed when a Saudi jet bombed near a sugar factory. [Link]
  • An unexploded US produced cluster bomb exploded in Yemen with 5 unsuspecting children near by. The children were dismembered and killed by the explosion. Warning Graphic Images. [Link]
  • 2 Saudi civilians are killed by Yemeni rocket fire. [Link]


  • Yemeni troops fighting in Saudi Arabia, steal weapons from fleeing Saudi soldiers. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is using African mercenaries to fight in Yemen. This was reported by Nasser Arrabyee, after a Sudanese general was killed fighting in Yemen. [Link]
  • Marcy Wheeler reports that a recent Reuters headline, that I also posted, was extremely misleading. After Saudi Arabia bombed a school and a hospital, Reuters reported that the US pulled staff from Saudi Arabia. The article presented the information as the pulling of staff was the US response to the school and hospital bombings, however, the staff was removed 2 months ago. This means the US has taken no action against the Saudis after they bombed a hospital and school. [Link]


  • Yemen’s President Saleh has stated that Yemen is exploring working with Russia. Yemen may let the Russia operate out of Yemeni military bases. After 16 months of Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen, Al-Qaeda and ISIS are flourishing in the country. The Russian strikes would be directed at those groups. [Link]


  • The UN and US are unable to stand up against Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen. The UN is afraid of losing Syrian funding. The US supports the Saudi war in Yemen because it helps the Saudi’s to feel better about the Iran nuclear deal. This means, the US is assisting in committing war crimes to help Saudi Arabia feel better. [Link]
  • The US has pulled some of its staff from Saudi Arabia. That staff has been assisting Saudi Arabia in bombing Yemen. While the administration has refused to condemn the bombing of a hospital and school, removing some staff is the first time Obama has shown displeasure with the Saudi in their war on Yemen. The US continues to refuel Saudi war planes and has some staff in Saudi Arabia to assist with planning. [Link]
  • A new report shows that 3 million people have been displaced by the war in Yemen. [Link]


  • The UN is looking to re-add Saudi Arabia to the blacklist of nations that murder children. In a 4 day span the Saudi’s bombed a school and hospital. The Saudis were placed on the list when it came out earlier this year. Saudi made some monetary threats to the UN to get removed. [Link]


  • The Saudi led war on Yemen has cost Yemen over $14 Billion. This includes $3.6 Billion in damages to the healthcare system. Yemen was the poorest country in The Middle East prior to the Saudi led war. [Link]
  • Saudi air strikes kill 17 in Yemen. [Link] The Yemeni are now attacking Saudi Arabia, and killed 7 civilians in a Saudi village. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia bombs a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen, killing at least 11. More may have survived, but Saudi plans reminded in the area, and rescuers feared more airstrikes. This is the 4th hospital that has been bombed by Saudi Arabia, since the conflict started in March 2015. The Saudi’s bombed a school over the weekend, and Doctors Without Borders is the group that confirmed the murder of the children. [Link]
  • The bombs that are being used to destroy Yemen were made in the US and being flow to the targets by Boeing F-15s. The US sold Saudi these weapons in a$60 Billion deal negotiated by Hillary Clinton and approved by President Obama. Now the US wants to sell the Saudis even more weapons. [Link]
  • Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia continues to bomb key infrastructure targets. One reason America may be unwilling to stand up the the Saudis, could be American companies profit when Yemeni hospitals explode. Boeing and TexTron Systems have already made millions off the $60 Billion deal Hillary Clinton negotiated. The US Government also collects a 7% fee for brokering the deal. That money appears to disappear from the books. [Link]


  • Scott Horton talks about US foreign policy and give some background on alliance in the Muslim World. Scott explains how we got to where we are today and what we’re doing wrong now. [Link]
  • After a year and a half of being bombed by Saudi Arabia, the Yemeni are now starting to attack Saudi Arabia, in Saudi Arabia. The Yemeni Houthi fighters have crossed the border and have their sights set on a key Saudi city. Saudi Arabia does not have a large ground fighting force and is hoping to get $1.15 billion in weapons from the US. [Link]
  • Andrew Cockburn writes a detailed article on Yemen, and how we got to the status on the ground today. He reports that many Yemeni are now living in holes in the ground, as it is the only place safe from the Saudi bombers. He also lays out the US and President Obama’s direct role in the slaughter of Yemeni Citizens. [Link]
  • Between 10 and 50 children were killed in Yemen, when a Saudi airstrike hit a school. Warning graphic video. [Link] In a different airstrike in Yemen, a Saudi warplane bombed a bridge and killed 7 women. [Link]


  • The Saudi war crimes against Yemen continue. In 24 hours, Saudi bombers have killed 103 civilians. [Link]. This includes, 15 people, 3 of the children, who died when a Saudi bomb struck a food factory. [Link] Warning Graphic Image. The Saudis also targeted a rice warehouse [Link] and Yemeni roads and bridges. [Link]


  • The Saudi’s have committed numerous war crimes in Yemen, including targeting civilians and killing over 500 children. The White House has approved a deal that would sell Saudi Arabia another $1.15 Billion in military weapons. The Saudi’s also have a record of supporting jihadism and are the most oppressive country to women on the planet. Senator Rand Paul is heroically standing up the the White House and the Saudis by trying to stop the weapon sale. [Link]


  • The US continues to increase its support for Saudi Arabia in the war against Yemen. Jason Ditz explains,  “US-sold bombs dropped by US-sold planes refueled by the US Air Force have been at the center of some of the most glaring war crimes in Yemen so far.” The US has increased the number of air-refueling to support the Saudi bombers by 60% in the past 6 months. [Link]
  •  On Sunday, one of those Saudi bombers killed 9 civilians. [Link]. Yemeni journalist, Nassar Arrabyee, reports that 30 Yemeni civilians, including women and children, were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link] Warning graphic images. 


  • Yemen’s Houthi army is moving closer to taking the key city of Taiz. The Hothi continue to come closer to uniting the country after war broke out in 2014. [Link]


  • Peace talks in Kuwait will be extended one week after Yemen announced unity government. The Saudi government and Yemeni dictator in exile are demanding the surrender of the Houthi, part of the unity government, for a cease fire. [Link]


  • After years of war in Yemen, a deal has been struck between ex Yemeni President Saleh and the Houthi to create a ruling government in Yemen. The 10-member council will have 5 people from each group. The UN has condemned this move, likely because it is not the outcome the Americans and Saudis want. [Link]


  • 4,400 Yemenis are about to die from kidney failure. Saudi Arabia is prevent necessary medical aid from entering the country and many are in desperate need of dialysis treatments. The US has supported the Saudi war against the people of Yemen every step of the way. Its time for Obama to decide if he wants to continues to be a war criminal. [Link]


  • Yemeni journalist, Nasser Arrabyee, reported that the Saudis are now bombing food aid trucks in Yemen. It has been estimated that 80% of Yemeni do not know how they will eat in the next 24 hours. Arrabyee confirmed to Kyle’s Fyles that the attack on the food truck was from a Saudi bomb. [Link] US and Saudi War on Yemen Fyle
  • UK Members of Parliament are pushing the Foreign Office label the Saudis as war criminals for their actions in Yemen. In response the Foreign Office said this was not the case, almost without explanation. This has happened before, when the Saudis were put on a UN blacklist for murdering too many children, they blackmailed the UN chief. [Link] UK Fyle Saudi Fyle US and Saudi War on Yemen Fyle


  • US made cluster bombs continue to hit civilian targets in Yemen. The US continues to protect Saudi on the global stage and assist them in this war.  The Saudi War started in March of 2015. Al Qaeda and ISIS have used the war as an opportunity to gain territory in Yemen. Read Here.