UN Fyle


  • UN Peacekeepers rape women who they are tasked to protect. [Link]


  • Over 300 people reported being sexually abused by UN peacekeepers in 2017. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia was elected to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. [Link]


  • A panel of French judges decided not to bring charges against UN Peacekeepers who were accused of abusing children in the Central African Republic. [Link]


  • UN appoints Portugal’s Antonio Guterres to be the next UN Chief. [Link]


  • UN suspends all aid to Syria. This was a response to the Syrian Government bombing of a UN humanitarian aid transport. [Link]


  • The UN is looking to re-add Saudi Arabia to the blacklist of nations that murder children. In a 4 day span the Saudi’s bombed a school and hospital. The Saudis were placed on the list when it came out earlier this year. Saudi made some monetary threats to the UN to get removed. [Link]


  • The UN is pushing countries to increase the tax on meat. The goal of the UN is to tax meat so highly that people stop eating meat. [Link]