Turkey Fyle


  • Turkish troops clash with PKK fighters in Turkey near the border with Iraq. Two Turkish soldiers and six PKK fighters were reported to have been killed. [Link]


  • Erdogan plans to reinstate the death penalty in Turkey. Turkey got rid of the death penalty 15 years ago in an attempt to join the EU. Reinstating the death penalty would be a sign that Turkey no longer plans to join the EU. [Link]


  • Turkey extends Erdogan’s emergency powers for another three months. The EU is calling on Turkey to investigate allegations of election fraud during the referendum. [Link]


  • Turkey votes 51%-49% in favor of vastly expanding the powers of the president. There are several reports of voter fraud, but those claims have been dismissed by the Turkish high court. [Link]


  • Turkey used an F-16 to kill 8 members of the PKK in Turkey. [Link]


  • Turkey has severed diplomatic ties with the Netherlands. [Link]


  • As tensions heighten between the Netherlands and Turkey, Turkey claims that the refugee deal the country has with Europe has ended. Under the deal, Turkey was given $3 billion in exchange for Turkey holding 2 million refugees from the Middle East inside of Turkey. [Link]


  • Turkey says that US and Turkish relations will be damaged if the US moves forward with its plan to assist the Kurds in defeating ISIS in Raqqa. [Link]


  • A Russian woman has been arrested in Turkey and accused of being in contact with the man who killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey. [Link]


  • The leaders of Turkey and Iran met on Wednesday. The leaders of the two countries agreed to work to improve ties between the two countries. [Link]


  • Turkey arrests 445 people that are accused of being members of ISIS. [Link]


  • Greece complains that Turkey has violated Greek airspace over 100 times. [Link]


  • A Greek court blocks the extradition of eight Turkish soldiers. Turkey accuses the soldiers of being involved in the July Coup. [Link]


  • The Turkish Parliment passes a bill that will strengthen the position of president. The bill still needs to be approved in a referendum that will take place in the coming months. Erdogan is currently president but would need to be reelected if the referendum passes. [Link]


  • The man who killed 39 people in a Turkish nightclub was captured by police. Turkey has labeled him as a member of ISIS. [Link]


  • A Turkish cargo plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan killing at least 20 people. It is reported that most of those dead were people on the ground. [Link]


  • A terrorist attack outside of a Turkish courthouse kills 2 people. The PKK is being accused of ordering the attack. [Link]
  • Turkey sentences two commanders involved in the July coup to life in prison. [Link]


  • The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack at a Turkish nightclub that killed 39 people. The attack occurred when a gunman opened fire in the club. The gunman is still at large. [Link]


  • Turkish President Erdogan says that he will never allow an independent state to exist in Northern Syria. Erdogan did not specifically say he would not allow a Kurdish state but that was likely what he was referencing. [Link]


  • The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot in the back by an off-duty Turkish police officer. After shooting the Ambassador, the shooter yelled: “Don’t forget Aleppo.” The shooter was killed. Five members of the shooter’s family and his roommate have been detained by police. The US has closed 3 of its missions in Turkey. [Link]


  • At least 13 Turkish soldiers have been killed and over 50 injured in a car bombing in Turkey. [Link]


  • Turkey’s largest political party proposes constitutional changes that would abolish the position of prime minister and give more powers to the president. [Link]
  • Two bombs explode as fans leave a soccer game in Istanbul. At least 38 are dead, and most of the dead are believed to be police officers. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack but the Turkish government is blaming the PKK. [Link]


  • A Greek court rules to not extradite two of the Turkish military officers that Turkey has requested extradited of. Turkey accuses the men of being involved in the July coup. [Link]


  • Wikileaks released emails showing links between Turkish President Erdogan’s son in law and ISIS. The emails reveal that Erdogan’s son in law has close ties with the Turkish oil company that bought ISIS oil. [Link]


  • A Greek court approves the extradition of 3 Turkish military officers involved in the July Turkey Coup. The court rejected the Turkish extradition request of three other military officers Sunday. [Link]


  • Turkey’s President Erdogan says he is disillusioned with the US because of the support the US has given to Syrian Kurds and Obama’s failure to extradite Fethullah Gulen. Erdogan believes Fethullah Gulen is behind the attempted coup. [Link]


  • Another 10,000 Turkish people were removed from their jobs. Erdogan continues to purge the ranks of Turkey’s government of anyone who may be disloyal to him. Nine media outlets were also ordered to close. [Link]


  • Turkey plans to purchase long-range missile defense systems from Russia. Turkey is planning to buy the S-400 system; Russia has deployed this system in Syria. [Link]

Name Changed to Turkey Fyle


  • Erdogan threatens to allow 3 million Syrian refugees into Europe. This is in response to the EU criticizing Turkey’s post-coup crackdown. [Link]


  • Members of Parliment of Turkey’s Kurdish political party will boycott Parliment in protest of the arrest of 9 of their members. [Link]


  • Eight were killed in a car bomb attack in Turkey. The attack occurred near a police station, and police officers were killed along with civilians. The attack happened shortly after Turkish President Erdogan had Members of Parliment belonging to a Kurdish political party arrested. [Link]


  • Turkey arrests 9 members of the pro-Kurdish political party. Turkey also blocked access to social media sites. [Link]


  • Turkey arrests the editor in chief of an opposition newspaper. Turkey also fired another 10,000 civil servants. [Link]


  • Turkish President Erdogan shuts down 12 television channels. Most of the news stations were Kurdish news networks. Erdogan gained the power to shut down these channels by the state of emergency that was declared after the failed coup. [Link]


  • Turkey plans to expand the state of emergency that has given Turkish President Erdogan near dictatorial powers. Under the current state of emergency Erdogan has arrested 32,000 people. The state of emergency, that was put in place after the July attempted coup, is set to expire mid October. [Link]


  • Moody’s cut Turkey’s credit rating to junk. The rating was cut because of the government’s response to the coup and a slowing economy. This may mean Turkey will have to pay more to borrow money internationally. [Link]


  • Turkey jails 45 college students for 10 months for protesting President Erdogan. This is seen as part of the larger post coup crackdown. [Link]


  • Turkey makes a extradition request to the US for Fethullah Gulen, who living in Pennsylvania. Turkish President Erdogan believes Gulen was behind this summer’s coup in Turkey. [Link]


  • 53 are dead in Turkey after a suicide bombing of a wedding. The bomb went off in a Kurdish area of Turkey. The suicide bomber may have been as young as 12. [Link]


  • Turkey Prime Minister continues his post coup foreign policy shift. Turkey reports today that Iran has reached a deal with Iran on Syria. [Link]


  • Turkey request that Grease extradites 8 military leaders involved with the coup. [Link]


  • In an interview on The Scott Horton Show, journalist, Patrick Cockburn reports that the average Turkman believes that the US is behind the coup. [Link]


  • Turkey’s President Erdogan is looking to take control of the military. After the coup, Erdogan has taken more and more power over the Turkish government. Historically in Turkey, the military has provided a check on presidential power. [Link]


  • Post Coup purge in Turkey has now targeted over 60,000 people. Turkish President Erdogan has now begun to arrest and take licences away from journalists.  Erdogan arrested 42 journalists so far. [Link]


  • The Turkish parliament just voted for a state of emergency to be declared for the entire country for the next three months. Erdogan’s new powers will give him the ability to continues his purge of rivals. This is the first time a state of emergency has been declared for the entire country. [Link]


  • Turkish President Erdogan has now declared a state of emergency in Turkey. This will make Erdogan a dictator and able to rule by decree. [Link]


  • Turkey’s President Erdogan continues his power grab in Turkey. He has dismissed several thousand educators across Turkey, including all the Deans. Erdogan continues to round up more government officials and dismiss others. The US will not condemn these actions by Turkey, in fact the White house walked backed statements by Kerry. Kerry had said that Turkey could be risking its NATO membership. Read Here.
  • America hold between 50-90 nuclear weapons at an airbase in Turkey. The Turkish commander of the airbase was arrested during the coup. This raises questions about the safety of our nukes in Turkey. The weapons that are stored in Turkey cannot be used by any of the plans on the airbase. Read Here.


  • The two Turkish pilots who shot down the Russia plan in November have been arrested in the post coup Turkey. It is currently unclear if they were arrested for shooting down the Russian plan or were actually involved in the coup. Read Here.
  • Over 8,000 people have been arrested in Turkey post coup. Freedom of speech has been lost in Turkey, as any critics of the government post coup actions will be arrested. Erdogan is pushing to execute those involved with the coup. NATO member are pushing back, reminding Erdogan that executions are not allowed for NATO member countries. Read Here.


  • Erdogan is planning to bring the death penalty back to Turkey to punish those he accuses of being involved in the coup. Erdogan has already arrested over 6,000 people as being involved in the coup and had said there was more to come. Read Here.


  • Turkish President Erdogan is using the failed coup to seize power. He has removed nearly 3,000 judges and some other officials from their posts. Read here.
  • Erdogan is accusing the US of of being behind the coup. Erdogan has shut down the air base the US was using for operations against ISIS. Erdogan believes that Fethullah Gulen, who currently live in PA, USA, would have been the man in charge if he was ousted in the coup. Erdogan is asking the US to send Gulen back to Turkey to face changes. Read Here.


A failed Coup in Turkey last night will leave around 200 dead and over 1,000 injured. A group of over 1,000 soldiers tired to take over the government when President Erdogan went on vacation. The coup was quickly put down and now appears that Erdogan is fully in control of the situation in Turkey. A few early notes about the coup.

  1. After the military seized the state run media, President Erdogan used FaceTime to connect to CNN TURK and ask his supporters to go the streets.
  2. Erdogan’s plea to his people worked and the people of Turkey protested in the streets. The people surrounded the tanks and military. At one point, video surfaced of Erdogan’s supports pulling military members out of tanks. Showing the power citizens have when they come together.
  3. The Turkish Military members showed more restraint than American police officer towards protesters. Our police would have opened fire on protesters long before they were climbing on police tanks or grabbing officers guns.
  4. Erdogan’s is a very powerful man. Turkey has a long history of the military performing coup on a leader that is too powerful. It appears that Erdogan was able to put enough of his supporters into military positions to avoid this fate. Erdogan is moving the country to a more religious government and is a violent actor on the world stage. He will likely use this coup to gain even more power.
  5. Keep in mind the possibility of a false flag. This coup was small and disorganized. It folded within hours and Erdogan was able to show off his popular support. Ex CIA director Woolsey discussed said it was a possibility.
  6. Erdogan is now a tyrant, if he wasn’t already. Look for his punishment of the coup members to be swift, bloody, and public.