Todays News 9/9/16

  • Huge government contracts are turning the US intelligence industry into a monopoly. 80% of private intelligence contractors are now employed by only 5 companies. The 45,000 employees of those 5 companies account for 20% of the total intelligence employee base in the US. This consolidation of power has been occurring through a series of mergers, as the government awarded contracts out to firms. This makes the US intelligence more vulnerable to cyber attacks and inaccurate intelligence. [Link] Spying Fyle
  • Under Obama, the US has vastly expanded the size and use of our most elite force, ex Green Berets. This has allowed Obama carry out missions around the world with little media coverage. It has led to our most elite forces fighting with groups who are known to violate human rights. [Link] Foreign Policy
  • Alejandro Rojo was beat by police while he was laying facedown on the ground. Rojo was hit several times in the back and ribs with a baton. Rojo was in a conflict with police inside of a store before being the beating occurred in the parking lot. Rojo is being charged with resisting arrest and attempting to take an officers gun. Rojo was released from jail on bail and is currently in the hospital. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Prosecutorial discretion leads to rural Americans suffering from stricter jail sentences. In the same state, a drug offender living in the city can get a sentence of completing a rehabilitation program, while, a drug offender in a rural county could spend over a decade in prison. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency finds that Iran continues to comply with the nuclear deal. [Link] Iran Fyle
  • Saudi Arabia can no longer pay its workers salaries. Saudi Arabia holds 16% of the world’s oil reserves, but low oil prices has hurt profits. The country is also spending money on the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. So far, 31,000 works have filed complaints against the Saudi government for not being paid. [Link] Saudi Arabia Fyle
  • Saudi airstrikes in Yemen destroyed a residential building killing 9, including 4 children. A school adjacent to the building was hit by two airstrikes. The school was empty at the time. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • Three former US Drone program operators join a lawsuit against President Obama. The suit was filed by a Yemeni who innocent family was killed in a US airstrike. They allege that President Obama was in violation US and international law. [Link] Drone Fyle
  • Federal Reserve Bank Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, released a report to congress. The report asks congress to make significant changes to banking regulations. Two of the changes are banning banks from investing in non-financial companies and a restricting on banks owning physical assets. [Link] FED Fyle

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