Todays News 9/3/16

  • At least 14 are dead after deadly terror attack in Davao City, Philippines. The radical Islamic group, Abu Sayyaf, is claiming responsibility for the attack.Philippines President, Duterte, has issued a “state of lawlessness” and he may send in troops to run the Davao City how he wants. [Link]
  • Two terrorists detonate suicide bombs at a courthouse in Mardrin, Pakistan, The attack killed at least 12. The attack is being claimed by a Taliban group operating in Pakistan and an ISIS linked terror organization. [Link]
  • Police K-9 is dead after being locked in a police vehicle for over 38 hours. Officer Peck left is K-9 partner in his squad car on a day where temperatures in the car reached 120 degrees. The dog eventually died of a heat stroke. Officer Peck has been dismissed from his job and faces 5 years in prison if convicted of animal cruelty. Some are argue that Peck is receiving some leniency for being a police officer. A man was recently sentenced to 34 years in prison for killing a police dog. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The US will loosen rules to allow more civilian casualties in war against ISIS. The authority to approve killings that risk civilian lives has been moved from US Central Command, down to the lower ranking commander of the war, Army Lt. Gen McFarland. According to sources within the Defence Department say that there are now several targeting areas where more than 10 civilian casualties are acceptable. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

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