Todays News 9/27/16

  • The heavy bombing of the rebel held area of Aleppo by Russia and Syria continues. At least 85 were killed Sunday with 300 wounded. Reports say that there are only 30 doctors left in the rebel held areas. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The Pentagon is responsible for the collapse of the Syrian ceasefire. The ceasefire last for a few days before US airstrikes hit a Syrian Army position that killed 62 Syrian troops. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • ISIS executes 75 prisoners in Mosul. Most of those killed were reported to be young men imprisoned by ISIS. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • The Houthis have offered a truce to Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s former president, Saleh, who is the current leader of the political counsel backed by the Houthi, has offered to stop attacks on Saudi Arabia. In exchange, Saudi Arabia would be expect to end airstrikes and the blockade of Yemen. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • US and South Korea navies conduct military operations in the waters of the Korean Peninsula. The military operations are meant to be a show of force to North Korea. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • IS in Afghanistan retakes a key stronghold in a providence on the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. IS retreated from these position weeks ago, as US drone strikes killed IS leadership. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • US Senators are making a push to expand TSA security to trains, buses, and marine transportation. [Link] Bill of Right Fyle

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