Todays News 9/19/16

  • After a US airstrike on a Syrian Government position, ISIS was able to take the hill overlooking an Syrian airbase. The airstrike killed between 62 and 90 soldiers (different sources are reporting different number). [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • The Syrian ceasefire is on the brink of collapse. The US-coalition is blaming the Syrian Government’s attacks on Aleppo. Those attacks are have reported to have killed 10 civilians. Russia is blaming the US-coalition’s attack on Syrian Government soldiers, Syrian Rebel forces continuing to attack government positions in Aleppo, and the US-backed rebels have not separated themselves from the jihadists. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Yemen’s President, Hadi, is relocating the Yemeni central bank from the rebel held northern Yemen to the Yemeni Government held southern Yemen. The Yemeni central bank has limited income from the Yemeni oil exports. Hadi also replaced the head of the bank. Andrew Cockburn reported that the Yemeni central bank was financing important food imports that were keeping many from starving. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • 300,000 Germans protest against the European Union signing trade agreements with the US and Canada. Protesters said they felt the trade deal undermined German sovereignty. [Link] Germany Fyle
  • The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is watering face grass while the California drought continues. The turf was installed to cut back on water use. Many LA citizens are upset to see the Department of Water doing something the Department of Water fines them for. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle

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