Todays News 9/10/16

  • Over the Labor Day weekend the US dropped bombs in 6 different countries. Obama countinues to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. More recently, Obama started a new war in Libya to target ISIS and being the UN supported Libyan Unity Government. In Afghanistan, the US continues to target The Taliban.  In the failed state of Somalia, the US targets the terror group Al-Shabaab. In Yemen, the US launches drone attacks against Al-Qaeda and ISIS. [Link] Foreign Policy
  • The US reaches a 7 day cease fire deal with Russia in Syria. The deal covers all allies of the US and Russia. Only terrorist group can be targeted during the cease fire, but the list of terror organizations will not be released. This deal will hopefully allow aid to reach the starving people of Aleppo. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Top leadership of the Syrian terror group Al-Sham have been killed. It is unknown what country’s airstrike killed the leaders, but early speculations is Syria or Russia. Al-Sham recently changed their name from Al-Nusra. Al-Sham is linked to Al-Qaeda. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Iraq is forcing families of suspected ISIS fighters from their homes in Iraqi cities liberated from ISIS. This program is being run by one part of the Iraqi government and denounced by another. The families are often forced back into ISIS held areas, as they have nowhere else to go. [Link] Iraq Fyle
  • Yesterday, over 100 Yemeni Civilians were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link] The night before, An airstrike in the same area of Yemen, killed an entire family of 14. That included the family’s 12 children. Warning Graphic Images. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • Yemen is in a state of crisis, largely due to the Saudi air war against Yemen. Daily bombing leave civilians dead. Many in Yemen believe the Saudi war would not be possible without US support and weapons. This is leading to growing anti-American feelings in Yemen. The Saudi’s are also propping up ISIS and Al-Qaeda with weapons. In Northern Yemen, the Houthis are winning battles against the Saudis and taking US tanks and weapons in the process. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • Senator Rand Paul and others plan to announce a bill that would block or oppose a $1.15 Billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia. [Link] Saudi Arabia Fyle
  • The US has spent over $21 million to create 500 jobs in Afghanistan. This means that the US spent $42,000 per job created. The project’s original cost was only $10 million and was intended to create 3,000 jobs. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • 11 police dogs have died from being locked in hot police vehicle over the summer. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Chelsea Manning began a hunger strike yesterday. Manning says she will only drink water and take medications. Manning says she has been mocked and denied the basic care she needs. Manning will not end her hunger strike until she is treated with a minimum level of respect. [Link] Whistleblower Fyle

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