Todays News 8/9/16

  • The US continues to increase its support for Saudi Arabia in the war against Yemen. Jason Ditz explains,  “US-sold bombs dropped by US-sold planes refueled by the US Air Force have been at the center of some of the most glaring war crimes in Yemen so far.” The US has increased the number of air-refueling to support the Saudi bombers by 60% in the past 6 months. [Link] US and Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  •  On Sunday, one of those Saudi bombers killed 9 civilians. [Link]. Yemeni journalist, Nassar Arrabyee, reports that 30 Yemeni civilians, including women and children, were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link] Warning graphic images. US and Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • A 16 year old boy stole a backpack and was sent to Rikers Prison in NY for three years. Two of those years he was forced to spend in solitary confinement and was mistreated by the prison staff. The boy, Kalief Browder, was never convicted or stood trial, the charges were dismissed. Kalief was not the same after he came home from the prison and took his own life. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Chicago police officer shoots an unarmed teen. When the officer realizes he shot the teen he says, “Fuck man, Im going to be on desk for 30 goddamn days now.” [Link] Warning graphic video Police Fyle
  • The Obama administration changes the definition of gun manufacture to include gunsmiths who only repair guns. This will put a new $2,250 yearly fee for gunsmiths to operate their businesses. Many gunsmiths are small business and the new law could put some out of business. [Link] 2nd Amendment Fyle
  • The Philippines’ bloody drug war rages on. The President does not care about human rights and will continue to allow innocent people to die. [Link]

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