Todays News 8/28/16

  • US is now providing the Turkish army with close air support in Syria. The Turkish army is trying to take the town of Jarablus from ISIS, before the city falls to the Kurds. Vice President Biden, who was in Turkey, made it clear to the Kurds that they must remain East of the Euphrates River to continue to receive US support. Syrian President, Assad, condemns Turkey’s army crossing into Syria. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The Turkish army is now attacking US-Backed Kurdish forces in Syria. The Turkish army has killed at least one Kurdish soldier and the Kurdish army has destroyed one Turkish tank. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The Afghan Government now only controls about 2/3 of the land area in the country. A map lays out who controls what in the country. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • The sluggish US economy is not able to produce enough growth to pay out entitlements. Illinois pension funds continues to show a lack of promise, as yearly growth expectations drop from 7.5% to 7%. This means the state will need to find an extra 400-500 million dollars to make up the difference. This will likely fall on to the backs of taxpayers. [Link] US Economy Fyle
  • Trump opens campaign offices in Israel. They are hoping to identify votes with dual citizenship who are able to vote in US swing states. [Link] 2016 Fyle

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