Todays News 8/23/16

  • Saudi Arabia is using African mercenaries to fight in Yemen. This was reported by Nasser Arrabyee, after a Sudanese general was killed fighting in Yemen. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • US General tells Syrian military it cannot no longer operate in areas of Syria. By doing this the US has created a no fly zone in Syria and will shoot down Russian and Syrian jets in the area. Although the US continues to deny it is a no fly zone. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • European Coast Guards are firing at migrant boats. This has resulted in some refugees being shot. [Link]
  • Nuclear waste from nuclear weapons started to leak in the New Mexican nuclear waste dump. The cleanup has cost taxpayers $2 Billion. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • Marcy Wheeler reports that a recent Reuters headline, that I also posted, was extremely misleading. After Saudi Arabia bombed a school and a hospital, Reuters reported that the US pulled staff from Saudi Arabia. The article presented the information as the pulling of staff was the US response to the school and hospital bombings, however, the staff was removed 2 months ago. This means the US has taken no action against the Saudis after they bombed a hospital and school. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • The US is currently fighting a air war in Libya to support the Unity Government in Libya. The Libyan Parliament voted “no confidence” in the Unity Government. This is unlikely to stop the US from waging a war to support the Unity Government. [Link] Libya War 2016
  • 100 new US troops will be deployed in Afghanistan to stop Taliban gains. The Taliban have nearly taken the key southern providence of Helmand. US troops will likely be in combat roles to try to prevent this Taliban take over. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle

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