Todays News 7/9/16

  • Facebook is looking to shut down a pro liberty page to help Hillary Clinton. Read Here.
  • The war is coming home. After 15 years of consecutive war, the weapons and tactics that have been used to fight terrorists are now being used by American police officers to fight you. Read Here.
  • Consumer debt added 19 billion dollars in May. Most of that debt was in student and car loans. The debt seems to taken out by the younger generations, whit parents using their credit. Read Here.
  • With Americans turning more and more against the war in the Middle East, America is working to create its new enemy. NATO continues to build up troop levels on the Russian border. Read Here.
  • Gary Johnson will not be listed as a Libertarian on the Ohio ballot. Johnson will have to appear as an independent on the ballot, after the Ohio Libertarian Party decided it would be cheaper to get him on the ballot that way. Many states have strict ballot access laws to prevent any third party from making a real challenge to the establishment.  Read Here.

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