Todays News 7/7/16

  • 1,400 US mayors condemn Obama’s increased spending on nuclear weapons. Having so many nuclear weapons will either destroy the world when we use them or destroy the economy maintaining them. Obama recently agreed to spend another trillion dollars on nuclear weapons. Read Here.
  • Police officers are killing more and more dogs. Many SWAT teams seem to be shooting dogs just because they are present, and not because the dogs are acting in an aggressive manner. The police are facing no consequences for all of these dog murders. This gives insight into the mindset of our police force, who seem to be able to kill anything they think maybe a potential threat. Read Here.
  • When officers are allowed to shoot any threat we get this story, Read Here. A man reaching for his wallet was shot 4 or 5 times by a police officer. There was also a 4 year old child in the back seat. The cop only cared about his own safety, as he killed one man and fired 4 bullets into the direction of a child.
  • In Argentina, Uber divers accept Bitcoins to avoid burdensome laws. Read Here.
  • Obama will not remove troops from Afghanistan and fails to come though on another of his campaign promises. Read Here.

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