Todays News 7/5/16

  • Home schooled children are scoring much higher on the SAT than students who attend traditional schools. While laws make it difficult for parents to engage in homeschooling, the SAT scores show that homeschooling is helping children to learn. Read Here.
  • US supported Syrian rebels are committing war crimes in Syria. While John McCain insists he can meet with and vet these groups, time and time again we see that the militants we arm are more dangerous than the dictator in charge. Read Here.
  • Young college students are being busted on small pot changers and bullied into becoming informants by police. Police threaten these students with decades in prison for selling less than $60.00 of marijuana. To avoid spending a life in jail, the students become informants and end up dead. Read the tragic stories here.
  • Wikileaks releases more than 1,000 Clinton emails on the Iraq war. The Wikileaks founder has promised he has enough of Clinton’s emails for an indictment. Read Here.
  • The US national debt increased by almost 100 billion dollars in a single day. This being the national debt to over 19.3 trillion dollars. Read Here.

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