Todays News 7/4/16

  • NATO member Turkey now plans to ally with Russia in fighting ISIS. The US has been extremely critical of Russia’s role in the Syrian Civil War. Read Here.
  • The US currently has 535 members of congress. This is far too few in a country of more than 300 million people. A increase in the number of representatives could help reduce corruption and wasteful government spending. Read Here.
  • German arms sales to the Sunni Gulf Arab States has sharply increased in the past year. Some German Politicians see this as an issue, as Germany has identified some of these states as ISIS supporters. Read Here.
  •  Al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda link terror group fighting in Syria, has captured a leader of a US supported group fighting in Syria. The US has been complaining about Russia bombing Al-Nusra for months. Read Here.

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