Todays News 7/3/16

  • Obama’s war on coal has destroyed the coal industry in the US. The top coal companies have lost 99.9% of their values since the president took office. Now the top US coal company will lay off 80% of its work forces. Obama’s war on coal has cost many American’s their jobs and has caused all Americans to struggle with higher energy bills. Read Here. 
  • American media companies are now selling themselves at the DNC and GOP conventions. If you are an elite you can pay for interviews and influence. Some of the packages offered cost over $200,000.00. Read Here.
  • The US Government spent 1.3 billion dollars of your tax dollars on a failed program. The program was designed to detect biological weapons. For your 1.3 billion, the government was not able to detect any biological weapons, however, the sensors did detect a dead rabbit. Read Here.
  • 13 years after the start of the Iraq war, over 6,000 people die in Iraq in June. Showing the complete failure of attempted US regime change. Read Here.
  • Central banks are turning Western Economies into socialist states. Through quantitative easing (QE), central banks around the world have bought a significant amount of stock in companies and provide almost all the capital for loans. As this trend grows, it will give the national governments more and more control over the actions of once private companies and individuals. Read Here.

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