Todays News 7/30/16

  • In Syria, the terror group al-Nusra Front is cutting its offical ties with Al-Qaeda. Nusra has been acting on behalf of Al-Qaeda in Syria throughout the Syrian Civil War. Nusra has embedded itself with several group the US provides arms and training to. The official break of allegiance was suggested months ago by the leader of Al-Qaeda. The Al-Qaeda leader believed that the name change could help Nusra get more support from the US and avoid some Russian air strikes. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then we know some new details on what her Syria policy will be. It appears that Hillary will make Syria President Assad a target over ISIS/Al-Qaeda. This will no doubt create a larger power vacuum than the one that allowed ISIS to gain so much ground in the first place. It will also create a huge problem with Russia, who joined the fight to assist the Syria Government. Assad is ISIS/Al-Qaeda’s number one enemy in Syria. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • German leader Angel Merkel says that Germany will continues its open door policy for refugees. Several of the terror attacks in Europe have come from terrorist who enter Europe through the refugee program. Merkel said, “we are at war with ISIS,” but she gave indication that she will push to end the Western interventions that create so many terrorists and refugees. [Link] Germany Fyle
  • Almost Perfect Book Store is one of the first casualties of California’s minimum wage law. Governor, Jerry Brown, signed a law that will increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. The current minimum wage in CA is $10. Almost Perfect owner, Kelly Ulmer, said, “There’s literately no place to absorb the cost.” The employees would like to keep working at Almost Prefect, but are not legally allowed  to agree to work for a wage that will allow the store to remain open. [Link] US Economy Fyle
  • The Cherry Industry Administration, is a bureaucratic organization written into the federal code. The Cherry Industry Administration forces cherry farmers to waste tens of thousands of pounds of cherries each year. The farmers have to just throw the cherries on the ground to rot, the cannot even be donated. [Link] US Economy Fyle


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