Todays News 7/26/16

  • Army General fears that Obama is rushing his offensive on Mosul, Iraq. Mosul is one of ISIS’s last strongholds in Iraq. Defeating ISIS in Iraq could help the democrats to be more appealing in the November election. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • UN reports that the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse not better. So far in 2016, over 1,600 civilians have been killed. Nearly 400 of those killed were children. Since 2014, the trend in Afghanistan has been more civilian deaths, with 2016 on pace to set a record. The US has now been waging war in Afghanistan for 15 years. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • Post Coup purge in Turkey has now targeted over 60,000 people. Turkish President Erdogan has now begun to arrest and take licences away from journalists.  Erdogan arrested 42 journalists so far. [Link] Turkey Coup Fyle
  • Portuguese banks are looking for a bailout as the EuroZone continues to struggle. The Portuguese banks already did a bail-in this past December. [Link] Portugal Fyle
  • Hillary Clinton is now the favorite candidate of Neoconservatives. Trump has been somewhat skeptical about the use of regime change and US involvement in NATO. This is enough to push neoconservatives to the very hawkish Hillary Clinton. Neoconservative are famous for pushing pointless wars across the globe. It appears they have found their candidate. [Link] 2016 Fyle
  • Hours after being chased out of the DNC for rigging the election, Hillary Clinton has named Debbie Wasserman Schultz a honorary chair of her campaign. This has upset many Bernie Sanders supports, who are now disrupting the Democratic National Convention constantly. [Link] 2016 Fyle

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