Todays News 7/2/16

  • Israel rejected Obama’s first aid deal, even though it would have been the biggest aid deal in history. Obama countered by begging the Senate to give more money to Israel. Read Here.
  • US and Russian ships have another close call in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the second navel close call US and Russia have had recently. Read Here. This shows why it is so dangerous to have the US and Russia acting Syria. The chance for mistake is too high for two countries who have enough nukes to destroy the world many times over.
  • Last year, Starbucks CEO made the moral case for a higher minimum wage and increased the wage of Starbucks employees. Now, hours are being cut and lines are getting longer as stores struggle to stay profitable with the higher cost of labor. Read Here.
  • One of the most disturbing articles I have read. The Wall Street Journal writes a hit piece on the Tesla auto pilot mode and discussed. The article makes it clear they are happy someone died using the new technology, as it will give regulators a chance to step in a do something. The articles brushes over how safe the Auto Pilot mode has been till this point. Read Here.
  • More lies from President Obama, these lies are even more shameful than the typical lies we here from the administration. Obama, in an act of “transparency”, released the number of civilians he is responsible for killing. The number is drastically lower than the number given by any independent organization. The numbers also only include countries that have been bombed and that we are not at war with. Which should prompt all of us to ask why are we killing innocent civilians in countries we are not at war with. Read Here.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading this blog and getting information that other media (skewed) sources are not willing to share. Keep the articles coming….thank you.

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