Todays News 7/20/16

  • Turkey’s President Erdogan continues his power grab in Turkey. He has dismissed several thousand educators across Turkey, including all the Deans. Erdogan continues to round up more government officials and dismiss others. The US will not condemn these actions by Turkey, in fact the White house walked backed statements by Kerry. Kerry had said that Turkey could be risking its NATO membership. Turkey Coup Fyle. [Link]
  • America hold between 50-90 nuclear weapons at an airbase in Turkey. The Turkish commander of the airbase was arrested during the coup. This raises questions about the safety of our nukes in Turkey. The weapons that are stored in Turkey cannot be used by any of the plans on the airbase. [Link] Turkey Coup Fyle.
  • The US has dropped its 50,000th bomb in the ISIS war. The bombs cost $50,000 each, bring the cost to US taxpayers to 2.5 Billion Dollars. This does not include the costs of the pilots, planes, fuel…The war seems to be counterproductive, as ISIS attacks on Western Nations has gone up since air strikes began. Read Here. ISIS War Fyle.
  • US airstrikes in Syria have killed about 100 people in recent bombings. The US is backing Syria Rebels with air power. A US bomb struck civilians in the desert there were believed to be ISIS. 11 children are dead. Read Here. Syria Fyle.
  • Sectary of State Kerry announced that the US and Russia are planning steps to coordinate in Syria. This would be a big step for US and Russian relations. This should also decrease the risk of US and Russian conflict in Syria. Read Here. Russia Fyle.

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