Todays News 7/19/16

  • UK’s Parliament approved an $40 Billion bill to improve UK nukes. New UK Prim Minister promised she is willing to use those nukes to kill civilians. Read Here.
  • The two Turkish pilots who shot down the Russia plan in November have been arrested in the post coup Turkey. It is currently unclear if they were arrested for shooting down the Russian plan or were actually involved in the coup. Read Here.
  • Over 8,000 people have been arrested in Turkey post coup. Freedom of speech has been lost in Turkey, as any critics of the government post coup actions will be arrested. Erdogan is pushing to execute those involved with the coup. NATO member are pushing back, reminding Erdogan that executions are not allowed for NATO member countries. Read Here.
  • At the GOP convention the “Never Trump” crowd was able to make some noise, but that all they were able to do. They yelled and screamed at were able to disrupt the convention. They were unable to stop the Trump nomination. Read Here.
  • Neoconservatives pick Hillary over Trump. They do not see Trump as wanting war enough because Trump said he will listen to the Palestinian case and questioned the idea of regime change. Neocons see that Hillary is devoted to the idea of bombing whenever and where ever. Read Here.

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