Todays News 7/18/16

  • As the government grows, so does the wealth gap. The average wealth of DC is 165% of the average wealth of average Americas. Read Here.
  • A 9 meter island is getting a lot of attention in the Pacific. Japan has already spend $600,000,000 keeping this island from washing away. China is unhappy with this Japanese island giving Japan rights over economic zones and shipping lanes. Read Here.
  • Erdogan is planning to bring the death penalty back to Turkey to punish those he accuses of being involved in the coup. Erdogan has already arrested over 6,000 people as being involved in the coup and had said there was more to come. Read Here.
  • Obama continues to increase US troop levels in Iraq to combat ISIS. This has upset many Iraqi who want US troops to leave. An Shi’ite cleric has suggested that Shi’ite need to start targeting US troops as well. Read Here.
  • The FBI is using a 21 year old computer system to avoid giving American’s their legal right to government records. Read Here.

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