Todays News 7/16/16 – The Chicken Coup

  • A failed Coup in Turkey last night will leave around 200 dead and over 1,000 injured. A group of over 1,000 soldiers tired to take over the government when President Erdogan went on vacation. The coup was quickly put down and now appears that Erdogan is fully in control of the situation in Turkey. A few early notes about the coup.
    1. After the military seized the state run media, President Erdogan used FaceTime to connect to CNN TURK and ask his supporters to go the streets.
    2. Erdogan’s plea to his people worked and the people of Turkey protested in the streets. The people surrounded the tanks and military. At one point, video surfaced of Erdogan’s supports pulling military members out of tanks. Showing the power citizens have when they come together.
    3. The Turkish Military members showed more restraint than American police officer towards protesters. Our police would have opened fire on protesters long before they were climbing on police tanks or grabbing officers guns.
    4. Erdogan’s is a very powerful man. Turkey has a long history of the military performing coup on a leader that is too powerful. It appears that Erdogan was able to put enough of his supporters into military positions to avoid this fate. Erdogan is moving the country to a more religious government and is a violent actor on the world stage. He will likely use this coup to gain even more power.
    5. Keep in mind the possibility of a false flag. This coup was small and disorganized. It folded within hours and Erdogan was able to show off his popular support. Ex CIA director Woolsey discussed said it was a possibility.
    6. Erdogan is now a tyrant, if he wasn’t already. Look for his punishment of the coup members to be swift, bloody, and public.
  • The 28 pages of the Congressional report on 9/11 were released yesterday. The pages are still heavily redacted, but show The Saudi government provided some support for the 9/11 hijackers. What are the implications for Hillary Clinton who received nearly $10,000,000 from the Saudi’s? She also approved 29,000,000,000 in weapon sales to the Saudis while she was Sectary of State. Its sounds like treason to take a $10,000,000 bribe from the people who helped kill 3,000 Americas. Read the 28 pages here.

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