Todays News 7/15/16

  • President Obama could get on right! The President plans to release the classified pages from the joint congressional report on 9/11. The pages are believed to indicate that Saudi Arabia gave money to the 9/11 hijackers. Read Here.
  • The Director of the CIA says if the next President asks the CIA to torture people, they may do it. CIA Director Brennan did say he would not follow those orders. This may cost him his job if Trump becomes President. Read Here.
  • ISIS shoots down a Syria Jet. It is unclear how ISIS was able to bring down the jet. ISIS has used TOW Missiles, given to moderate rebels by the US, to bring down two Russian helicopters. It should be of some concern that terrorist have the weapons to bring down a plane. Read Here.
  • Former US Defense Officials plan to testify to Congress to advocate for putting nuclear warheads on cruise missiles. This would no doubt heighten global tensions, as all cruise missiles fired by the US would have to be treated as possible nuclear strikes. Read Here.
  • The Brexit could be great for Americans. UK and US are working to pass a new trade deal. The new deal will likely be better for US and UK consumers. Read Here.

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