Todays News 7/14/16

  • A group of 25 Representatives, 13-R and 12-D, have formed the 4th amendment caucus. This group of Reps realize that the government has exceeded it limits on spying and plan to try to protect the rights of US citizens. Read Here.
  • A police officer is caught receiving sexual favors as a bribe and believes that if Hillary is not going to jail he should not either. Read Here.
  • French President Hollande is paying his barber $132,000.00 each year. France’s debt to GDP is 92% as the country struggles with debt. Read Here.
  • With the real economy struggling and the FED unable to lower interest rates, they are looking to use massive stimulus to “accelerate” the economy. The FED member described using Helicopter Money, or just money dumped on the economy, to get it going again. Read Here.
  • Judge Naps breaks down the Clinton non indictment and why she is untrustworthy. Read Here.

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