Todays News 7/1/16

  • ISIS took back a town on the Iraq/Syria border from US supported rebels. Along with taking the key town, ISIS seized a lot of US provided weapons. Just another example of how the CIA and Pentagon’s programs to arm and train rebels is only making ISIS stronger. Read Here.
  • The US government continues to dig us into a deeper hole with debt. As our national debt approaches 20 trillion dollars, and we continues to loan money to the Iraqi government. The money will go to more weapons, past weapons given the the Iraqi government have ended up in the hands of ISIS. Read Here.
  • Secrete FBI rules allows the FBI to ignore the 1st and 4th amendments. New rules, exposed by The Intercept, shows the FBI was able to attain journalist phone records without a warrant. Read Here.
  • Insurance companies are now suing the government. Obamacare promised private insurance companies they would not lose money on Obamacare and would reimburse companies for any money they did lose, however, the money form new tax revenue never came in to pay the insurance companies with. Now the insurance companies are suing the government demanding the payment. Read Here.
  • Syrian President Assad reported that several Western Nations have been helping him under the table. He says that Australia is one of these countries. This shows an interesting split between US policy makers, who are calling for the US to fight Assad instead of ISIS, and some of out allies. Read Here.

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