Todays News 7/11/16

  • Pokemon Go is getting people out and walking. This has had some good effects on peoples mental health. This is an examples of the free market solving problems without government money. Read Here.
  • Chicago Police knock on a family’s door claiming to have a warrant. Once inside the home the police refused to produce the warrant, then they invite a fully armed SWAT team into the family’s home. The family is still searching for answers. Read Here.
  • The President of The Deutsche Bank is requesting a 150 billion Euro bail out of European Banks. European Bank have taken on many bad loans and are now paying the price. With the bailout, the banks are trying to pass the price of those bad loans on to average European citizens. Read Here.
  • Scott Horton and Will Grigg talk Dallas Shootings, BLM, race relations in America, and how to fix the problems of police violence. Best insight on all those issues I’ve heard so far. Listen Here.
  • NATO commits to spend more US blood and coin in Afghanistan. After 15 years of US intervention in the country, US politicians are telling us its too late to leave now. Ron Paul says that we need to stop because we are headed for a cliff. Read Here.

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