Todays News 7/10/16

  • US made cluster bombs continue to hit civilian targets in Yemen. The US continues to protect Saudi on the global stage and assist them in this war.  The Saudi War started in March of 2015. Al Qaeda and ISIS have used the war as an opportunity to gain territory in Yemen. Read Here.
  • NATO continues its massive troop buildup in East Europe, but the Russian threat is lacking. Mismanagement and bureaucracy destroyed the Russian Navy. While the US media continues to push the “Russian Aggression” propaganda, the state of the Russian Navy show how little the US should feel threatened. Read Here.
  • With losses in Fallujah and Syria it may appear ISIS is becoming weaker, but they are just transitioning to an Al Qaeda styled terror group. ISIS is willing to give up territory to allow their hate to spread world wide.  Read here.
  • The House votes to keep women from having to register for the draft. Read Here.
  • There is a growing push to double the size of the US naval fleet. It is unclear on why the US would need to double the size of its fleet, since the Russian Navy is sinking at harbor. The companies who stand to make the largest profit donate millions of dollars to democratic and republicans candidates. They also spend over 10 million dollars  each election cycle on lobbying efforts. Read Here.

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