Todays News 6/30/16

  • A 19 year old created a “bot” to help fight parking tickets. By signing up on the website, you can use the bot to fight your parking ticket. The bot has already won 160,000 cases, saved users over 3 million in fines, and has a 64% success rate. Read Here.
  • Trump advocates for more war crimes. Trump has stated that the US needs to torture people it suspects to be terrorists. Trump is committing treason against the citizens of the US, as statements like this are used as propaganda by ISIS and Al Qaeda to help recruitment.  Read Here.
  • What stops a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun. This is a list of several potential mass shooting that were prevented by a citizen with a gun. Read Here.
  • Health care cost have been increasing for years, and its only going to get worse. This may have a huge impact on the election, as many voters will receive notices of price increases a week before the election this November. Read Here.
  • Ron Paul predicts that the Brexit is the beginning of the end of the EU. Read Here.

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