Todays News 6/28/16

  • Edward Snowden calls out the Russian Government for spying on its citizens, and he does not have to flee Russia for doing so. Read Here. 
  • After threatening China with Japanese nuclear weapons, the US is now testing missile defense systems for Taiwan.  President Obama is working hard to upset the Chinese as tensions grow over islands in the South China Sea. Read here.
  • The State of California is going after freedom of speech with its new law. If passed, it would make it illegal for people to speak in opposition to “man-made” global warming. This will effectively kill the first amendment in Cali. Read Here. 
  • Ex FED chairman Allen Greenspan calls for a return to the gold standard in a recent interview. Mr. Greenspan also clarified that the statements he made Friday, “This is the worst period I recall,” as being about the US economy and not the Brexit, as main stream US media reported. He also warns of an upcoming crisis. Read Here. 
  • Turkish President Erdogan expresses his “regrets” for shooting down a Russian plane. After reestablishing relations with Israel, Turkey appears to be trying to get more involved in international diplomacy. Read Here. 

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