Todays News 6/26/16

  • Judge Naps takes down arguments for “No Fly, No Bye.” The Judge lays out his case for preventing the erosion of more of our natural rights. Read Here.
  • Obama signed an executive order that was to release the civilian deaths caused by drone strikes. As always, the official numbers are well below any number from independent agency. Nancy Youssef lays out how the government continues to mislead the public with false data. Read Here.
  • A Trump adviser suggested that Israel wait till Trump becomes president before signing a new foreign aid agreement. Obama has already offered Israel a record aid deal. There are also serious questions about the ethics of undermining the current US policy and making offers to a foreign government before being elected. Read Here.
  • The government is on a mission to make smoking less safe by destroying the e cig market. Proposed regulations are entirely illegal, unconstitutional, and just unfair. Read about how the e cig companies are fighting back. Read here.  

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