Todays News 6/24/16

  • BREXIT WINS! A huge victory for decentralization and self determination. Prime Minister David Cameron also resigns! Read here.
  • Fallujha is in the process of liberated and ISIS has continued to lose battles across Iraq and Syria, but are they getting stronger? US alliances with Kurdish and Shi’ite militias may give more popular ISIS. Read Here. 
  • Dr. Ron Paul tells us the truth behind Hillary’s emails, Clinton foundation, and a long history of corruption. Watch Here.
  • Police were ordered to stand down and wait for SWAT in the Orlando shooting. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. We cannot give up our right to bare arms because the police do not always come. Read Here. 
  • US armed and funded rebels are fighting each other again. Just a reminder of how stupid out foreign policy is. Read here.

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