Todays News 6/23/16

  • Stephan Ruth is a citizen that has had enough of red light cameras. Ruth has been disabling red light cameras around the city.  Ruth makes his case against the corrupt government officials in a video here. 
  • The Senate Bill to expand FBI spying was defeated by one vote, but they are not done trying to steal your rights. Read Here. Glenn Greenwald explains how the Democrats have been coming for our Constitutional Right for years. Read Here. 
  • More continues continue to censor the internet. US companies face increased pressure to censor content. Read Here. 
  • The British vote to stay or leave the EU today. The latest polls show a slight lead for the British leaving. Read Here. 
  • Military leadership is pushing for more group troops in Iraq. Almost 5,000 Americans Soldiers are fighting ISIS in Iraq. Of course, there has been declaration of war to allow this. Read Here. 

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