Todays News 6/18/16

  • US State Department employees are urging Obama to attack Assad and the Syrian Government, not ISIS. Read here.
  • The FBI is looking expand its powers and take more of your 4th amendment rights. Read Here. 
  • The FBI is hoping to get even more power to search electronic records. A change to Rule 41 would allow the FBI to get warrants to remotely hack into someone device. This will allow the FBI to seek warrants from any judge in the country, not the judge that currently hold jurisdiction. Read more here.
  • Senators looking to block the Rule 41 change. Read here. 
  • NATO now says a cyber-attack will trigger Article 5. Article 5 says when one NATO state is attacked all are bound to respond. This means If Russia hacks Romania, we are bound to go to war with Russia. Read here. 

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