Todays News 6/13/16

  • An interesting article on the father of the shooter. Read here. 
  • Break a traffic law in Illinois and the police will steal your car. They get to keep 90% of what they sell it for. Read here. 
  • Obama is increasing spending on nuclear weapons by 1 trillion dollars just in time for war loving Hillary or the unstable Trump to get the launch codes. With a increasingly complex geopolitical world, do we really want either of those people to have the launch code? Read here. 
  • In 2002, Rep Walter Jones voted for the Iraq war. Rep Jones has regretted that vote for years and has written 11,000 letters to the families of the victims of the war as penance for voting for the war. Watch Ron Paul interview Walter Jones. 
  • The government continues its vendetta against the Bundy family. Dave Bundy is facing 80 years in prison for his role as peacekeeper in his families standoff with the BLM/FBI. This article is a reminder why it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
  • The media is calling what happened in Orlando the worst mass murder in US history. It was an ugly act of hate and cowardness, however, the government shot, burned, and crushed 76 Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993.


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